Blacklist season 8: what end for Liz (Megan Boone)? [SPOILERS]

The last episode of season 8 of “Blacklist” marked the departure of Megan Boone, who camped Liz Keen since the launch of the series in 2013. Return on this episode rich in emotion …

Megan Boone said goodbye to Blacklist last night on the occasion of the broadcast in the United States of the last episode of season 8. For more than 8 years, the actress discovered in Sexy Dance 4 played Elizabeth “Liz” Keen, FBI profiler with a mysterious past.

Last week, Deadline revealed that the actress was going to say goodbye to the series that made her known on the season 8 finale. A decision, which, according to the American site, had been taken enough upstream to allow the writers to offer a worthy of the name to this central character of the detective series.

Therefore, during a face-to-face anthology, Liz loses her life in the arms of Red, who takes advantage of her last moments of life to whisper in her ear the answers to all the questions that ‘she has been asking for so many years.

At the time of the broadcast of the fateful episode, entitled “Konets”(“ The end ”in Russian), Megan Boone posted on Instagram a photo of herself and her co-star James Spader accompanied by an emotionally charged post to look back on her eight years spent in Blacklist.

This experience has been, for me, a life within my own life. These eight years of playing Liz Keen have helped me understand the world and myself better at the same pace as my character. “She also took the opportunity to thank her playmates one last time.

Attention, the rest of the article contains spoilers on the last two episodes of season 8 and Liz’s death!

In “Nachalo,” Episode 21 of this season 8 aired last week on NBC, Raymond“ Red ”Reddington (James Spader) took Liz to the headquarters of his spy operation in Latvia to offer her answers about her past.

Unfortunately, Neville Townsend (Reg Rogers), thanks to the tracer he had placed on Liz, manages to find the duo. During a firefight, the latter is hit. At the same time, Neville and his team are killed by Red, who releases highly flammable gas after locking himself with Liz and Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) in an underground bunker.

Episode 22 picks up directly after these events, as the trio emerges from the bunker and confirms, using fingerprints, Neville’s death. Liz’s injury is, luckily, not fatal. The young woman recovers quickly.

Blacklist season 8 what end for Liz Megan Boone SPOILERSWill Hart / NBC / Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television

For his part, Red must face the consequences of the death of the criminal. He then visits Harold (Harry Lennix) and confides in him that he is dying and wishes to make Liz his heiress. The latter also plans to disappear in Europe with her daughter Agnès to resume a normal life.

Without counting on Red, who imagines a radical solution: he proposes to Liz to kill him to prove his worth to replace him and thus continue to live his life. The young woman initially rejects the idea before reconsidering her decision after having met by chance the daughter of General Daniel Ryker, whom she had saved in season 1.

She, therefore, organizes with Red the death of the latter, which must take place in a restaurant. But when it comes time to pull the trigger, Liz changes her mind. Suddenly, a gunshot rings out: Vandyke (Lukas Hassel), Neville’s henchman, has just shot Liz, thus fulfilling his boss’s wish to force Red to see her die.

As life gradually leaves her, the young woman sees her life pass before her eyes while Red cradles her, kisses her, and finally whispers in her ear the answers to the questions she has been asking herself for so many years.

A sequence is rich in emotion which seems to confirm a rumor which has been running for several years concerning the identity of Liz’s mother.

At the time of her death, a flashback of Katarina kissing Liz on the forehead when she was just a baby was immediately juxtaposed with Red kissing her head nowadays on that corner. Does this scene confirm Red’s true identity? It will be necessary to wait for the beginning of season 9, which has already been ordered, to hope to have answers finally.

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