Blacklist: Megan Boone leaves the series after 8 seasons

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Heroine of the series since the very first episode alongside James Spader, Megan Boone, the interpreter of Elizabeth Keene, will leave “Blacklist” at the end of season 8, which will end on June 23 on NBC in the United States. .

Virginia Sherwood / NBC

After the finale of its season 8, due on June 23 on NBC in the United States, Blacklist will never be really the same.

According to Deadline, Megan Boone, who has played Elizabeth Keen opposite James Spader since the very first episode aired in 2013, will leave the successful detective series at the end of this eighth batch and will therefore probably not appear in season 9, already ordered by NBC.

The American site explains that this decision was taken by mutual agreement between Megan Boone and the production of Blacklist, and that the departure of the actress was recorded early enough to allow the writers to consider the narrative arch of Liz Keen during season 8 as the character’s “final chapter”.

For both personal and creative reasons – Liz having become a fugitive – Megan Boone had already been absent from 9 of the 22 episodes of season 8, which did not fail to worry fans and give rise to rumors about a possible departure.

Virginia Sherwood / NBC

The announcement of the farewell of the actress is therefore not a huge surprise, but Blacklist promises in any case to reshuffle the cards next season with a ninth salute without Liz, which should therefore more than ever give pride of place to Red ( James Spader).

Spader who, along with Diego Klattenhoff (Ressler) and Harry Lennix (Cooper), will therefore be one of the last three original cast members to still appear in the credits of the series when season 9 arrives on NBC in September .

No information has yet been revealed on how Liz Keene will “leave” the series, but creator Jon Bokenkamp recently teased in an interview with TV Insider that the last two episodes of Season 8, titled “Nachalo” and “Konets” (“beginning” and “end” in Russian), “would go back to the very beginning of the plot and offer answers to eight years of questions”.

Everything therefore suggests that a final face-to-face meeting will take place on the occasion of the final season and that Liz could finally find out who Red Reddington really is.

In France, season 7 of Blacklist, already broadcast on Série Club, should arrive soon on TF1 and then on Netflix.

The Blacklist Season 8 Trailer:

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