Black Widow James Bond 10 rejected films that we can’t wait to see

Black Widow James Bond 10 rejected films that we can’t wait to see

Black Widow James Bond 10 rejected films that we can’t wait to see

The confinement continues, but the cinemas await us at the exit! To wait until the end of the crisis, we offer our selection of films that we are eager to discover …

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In theaters on November 11, 2020

The first major production to have been postponed due to the epidemic of coronavirus, Dying can wait, which we would normally be currently discovering in theaters, will finally be released in November. A blow for fans of James Bond, who will have to wait another seven months to discover the 25th installment of the cult franchise. To say that we are in a hurry to discover the film is an understatement: ultimate adventure with Daniel Craig in the role of 007, Rami Malek in bad guy, Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) behind the camera, breathtaking images in the trailers unveiled … This Die can wait feels very good (d)! And if we “took advantage” of confinement to watch a lot of films from the saga, history that time passes faster by the great reunion?


In theaters in July 2020

The first live-action Disney film rated PG-13 brings the legend of Mulan up to date and promises an extraordinary and inspiring adventure for a warrior and determined heroine. The young woman takes the place of her sick father in the Chinese imperial army and undertakes a dangerous and powerful initiation journey which will reveal her inner strength. His exceptional career will place Hua Mulan in a legendary figure proclaimed and honored by an entire nation. Modern and epic film directed by Niki Caro, Mulan is one of Disney’s big expectations for 2020.


In theaters September 9, 2020

Released two years ago, the first opus was an excellent surprise, with an original pitch, real work on sound and the setting up of a world that John Krasinski had obviously not finished. to explore. Hence this sequel (with an element of prequel as an opening) which widens its field of action thanks to a new character to which Cillian Murphy lends his charisma between two seasons of Peaky Blinders. All the more reason to want to tremble and hold your breath again in Without a noise 2, in the company of the cast worn by Emily Blunt and the very talented Millicent Simmonds, young deaf actress discovered in The Museum of Wonders and who never ceases to amaze us.


In theaters July 1, 2020

Two years after Dogman, who had won the Male Interpretation Prize at Marcello Fonte during the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival, the director Matteo Garrone changes his register and attacks a mythical character from Italian culture: Pinocchio. Of course, everyone knows the famous adaptation of the Disney studios, released in 1940, but this time, the filmmaker decides to offer a replay while remaining faithful to his style, both dark and adult. On screen, we find the young Federico Ielapi, Gigi Proietti, the French Marine Vacth, but also Roberto Benigni, who lends his features to the creator Gepetto. The choice of the actor is no coincidence since in 2002, remember, the Oscar winner staged his own version of Pinocchio, in which he himself embodied the title role. Matteo Garrone’s film will be released in theaters on July 1, 2020.


In theaters in November 2020

If we wait for it, it’s because this is a film that has been delayed for a long time (announced since 2016), when many other Avengers had already had their solo film. Furthermore, this is the first Marvel feature film since Spider-Man: Far From Home and the end of Phase 3. Black Widow could therefore set the tone for all of Phase 4 as Civil War had done to lead to Far From Home. We count the days!


In theaters soon

The great Polish director Agnieszka Holland made several films on the dark chapters of Contemporary History in Europe; it was also revealed to moviegoers by a remarkable film released in 1990, the overwhelming Europa Europa, which took place during the Second World War. In The Shadow of Stalin, she recounts part of the authentic life of British journalist Gareth Jones, who recounted, at the risk of his life, in 1933, what was the terrible genocide by hunger organized by Stalin in Ukraine, known as the name of Holodomor. An organized famine that claimed between 2.6 and 5 million victims. Passed by the festivals of Berlin, Dinard (British film) and Pessac (historical film), the film is also supported by a solid cast, starting with James Norton in the title role (which is always remembered as the favorite of ” bookies “English to resume the role of James Bond!), supported by Vanessa Kirby (The Crown, Mission Impossible: Fallout) and the always impeccable Peter Sarsgaard.


In theaters soon

Still a little patience, we will end up seeing it one day, this famous film which we have been waiting for theatrical release for now at least … 3 years! It was indeed in October 2017 that we received the very first trailer for the New Mutants, the last spin-off of the X-Men franchise before Disney’s takeover of the Fox, directed by Josh Boone (Our opposite stars) . An opus which was announced (always announces) in total offset compared to the remainder of mutant saga, apparently endowed with a much more horrifying tone and centered on new characters in particular incarnated by Charlie Heaton of Stranger Things and Maisie Williams of Game Of Thrones. Originally supposed to be released in January 2018, then in February 2019, then in April 2020, this cursed film has therefore been finished for a long time. Come on, we still believe in it, and we meet as soon as possible with Les Nouveaux Mutants au ciné (or perhaps on Disney +) …


In theaters on December 23, 2020

Originally scheduled for this summer, the sequel to the cult film directed by Tony Scott in the 80s, it is not the first time it has been postponed either. At the start, it was indeed in July 2019 that Tom Cruise was supposed to get back on board his fighter plane. Yet it was the actor himself who demanded this first delay, because as usual, he insisted on performing his stunts himself, which in this case involved learning to pilot a real F / A-18 Super Hornet (very simply). A revolutionary feat that can be discovered in theaters next December 23 in Top Gun: Maverick.


In theaters June 3, 2020

On the same principle as Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, Adolescentes endeavors to film adolescence and the passage of time, but this time through the prism of the documentary. The discreet and talented documentarist Sébastien Lifshitz carries this long-term project, sometimes funny, sometimes moving, but above all marked with delicacy. After experiencing confinement, a treat to see these two endearing teenagers literally grow up before our eyes.


In theaters August 12, 2020

She is one of those who survived the failure of Justice League and plans to do at least as well as the first installment of her solo adventures, which had raised $ 821.9 million worldwide in 2017. After the First War World, Wonder Woman will be illustrated in the heart of the 80s, especially against Cheetah, one of his most famous enemies. While they could have been content to deal with another conflict, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot radically change their era and style, touching the excitement of this decade, with this James Bond sequel ( which can work if you have not seen the previous film). Just for that, we can’t wait to find the DC Comics Amazon in August (or later?). Even more since the cool trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.


In theaters July 22, 2020

The eleventh feature film directed by Christopher Nolan still resists the wave of postponements, but for how long? Still awaited on July 22, Tenet is doing whatever it is with the films that we look forward to seeing after confinement. As always with the director, the plot is mysterious but everything suggests that there will be talk of spies capable of going back in time to achieve their ends. Some think of a sequel to Inception, and we expect the structure of the story to be in palindrome, like the title which can be read the same way in one direction as in the other. With his hype cast (John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson …), he aroused a lot of interest and impatience. It remains to be seen when it will actually be visible.

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