Black Panther on Disney +: where is the rest?

Three years after its worldwide theatrical release, “Black Panther” arrived on the French version of Disney +, in keeping with our media timeline. The opportunity to take stock of the rest, scheduled for 2022.

Black panther on disney +: where is the rest?
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On February 16, 2018, Black Panther hit US theaters and blasted the box office with $ 202 million in revenue in one weekend, and the seventh position among the biggest startups of all time across the Atlantic. With three Oscars (including that of Best Original Music) and 1.347 billion greenbacks collected worldwide (as well as 3,688,070 admissions in France), Ryan Coogler’s film has acquired the status of a phenomenon whose impact s’ extends to the level of society, and especially the black community. Very quickly mentioned, a sequel was quickly formalized and it remains relevant despite the death of its main actor, Chadwick Boseman, last August.


Black Panther 2 is, for the moment, expected on July 6, 2022 in French theaters, and two days later in the United States. It is therefore positioned as a summer blockbuster, much more exposed to competition, and should be released between Thor 4 (May 4) and Captain Marvel 2 (November 9). Provided that things don’t change, because the pandemic that has hit the world for over a year has proven that studio calendars can move, and Marvel’s was no exception. The feature film should in theory belong to Phase IV of the MCU, although this remains to be confirmed, Kevin Feige being mysterious about the opus that will be the conclusion.


8 months after the release of the first opus, the news has officially fallen: Ryan Coogler is back for a sequel for which he will co-write the screenplay again with Joe Robert Cole, while there is talk of a filming which will begin in July 2021 and will last six months. The director has since signed a five-year partnership with Disney Studios, via his production company Proximity Media, intended to give birth to several projects, to start the Wakanda series, planned for Disney + and of which nothing is currently known except that it will take place in the (fictional) country of Black Panther .


As strange as it may seem, a few months before the start of filming, there is nothing concrete about the casting yet. But the names of Letitia Wright (Shuri), Winston Duke (M’Baku), Angela Bassett (Ramonda), Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia) or Danai Gurira (Okoye) have been mentioned and it would be normal to see them return. Just as it wouldn’t be surprising if Everett K. Ross, played by Martin Freeman, is also back.

The only certainty at this point is of course the absence of Chadwick Boseman. Died on August 28 from cancer, the actor will not be replaced. Neither physically, by another actor, nor digitally. His character of T’Challa, heir to the throne of Wakanda, will therefore be absent, even if his shadow should hover over the feature film which will obviously be dedicated to him.

At the heart of rumors when the sequel first began to be discussed, the villainous Erik Killmonger should not be present, unless Ryan Coogler finds a way to bring back his favorite actor Michael B. Jordan. Last I heard, the role of the antagonist should be played by Tenoch Huerta, seen in particular in Narcos Mexico. But his casting presence and the name of his character have not been officially announced.

Black panther on disney +: where is the rest?


Tenoch Huerta, from Mexico to Narcos to Marvel‘s Wakanda?


Here too, the vagueness dominates. No doubt because Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole had to review their copy after the death of their main actor. But it would not be surprising if the question of his succession is at the heart of the story. Without going so far as to duplicate the plot of the previous opus, which already revolved around the throne of Wakanda. For example, we can imagine that the quest for T’Challa’s successor is one of the challenges of this sequel, and that his name would only be revealed in the last act. If the scenario turns out to be faithful to the comic books, Shuri is the big favorite, since the little sister of the hero succeeds him in the outfit of Black Panther. But Okoye and Nakia, even M’Baku, can also be credible candidates. While waiting for official information to see more clearly.

“Black Panther”: a sequel and fewer blunders?

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