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Available on Prime Video, “Coeurs Noirs” follows the daily life of a Special Forces commando in Iraq. Will the war series with Nicolas Duvauchelle, which is a hit on the platform, be entitled to a season 2? First elements of response.

In just a few days, Coeurs Noirs, posted last weekend on Prime Video, managed the feat of placing itself at the top of the top 10 of the most watched content on the platform, ahead of the thriller phenomenon The Last of Us. Thus becoming the French series that everyone is talking about right now.

Supported, among others, by Nicolas Duvauchelle, Marie Dompnier (The Witnesses), Tewfik Jallab (Engrenages, Oussekine), Nina Meurisse (Mixed), Thierry Godard and Jérémy Nadeau, Coeurs Noirs propels us to Iraq, in October 2016, on the eve of of the battle of Mosul, and follows the daily life of a French Special Forces commando deployed on the spot.

As new threats of attacks hang over France, the men and women of Group 45 have the mission to find and exfiltrate the daughter and grandson of an important French Emir of Daesh whom they have captured. and who will cooperate with them only on this condition.

A mission that holds many twists and turns for the heroes of Coeurs Noirs, until the last two episodes of the first season, under high tension, and a finale that ends on a formidable cliffhanger. Leaving the future of the group, and especially of Sabrina (Nina Meurisse), in suspense. Before a possible season 2?

Season 2 of Coeurs Noirs is in writing

For the moment, Prime Video has not yet communicated on the order of a second batch of episodes. But everything suggests that Coeurs Noirs was designed to last several seasons and that the desire to shoot a season 2 is indeed there.

The director Ziad Doueiri, met as part of the promotion of the series, has in any case told us that season 2 is already in writing, which is a rather good sign for the future of the series. Especially when you know that it seems to be a hit on the platform.

“Season 2 is currently in writing, it will be done”explained to us the director of Coeurs Noirs, who previously worked on Baron Noir and Dérapages, and who intends to direct the sequel to the Prime Video war series.

“I’m obviously ready to return as a director. I hope that the public will follow the journey of our characters, that season 1 will please, and that we will soon be able to shoot new episodes”.

A feeling that the actors of the series also seem to share, since Marie Dompnier, who plays the intelligence officer Adèle, and who told us behind the scenes of the shooting, told us about this possible season 2: “If a sequel is ordered, I’m obviously in, with my eyes closed. It’s a magnificent role, a magnificent group, and a subject that is rarely dealt with”.

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