Black Adam: the film will use a technology never seen before to make fly Dwayne Johnson

Black Adam: the film will use a technology never seen before to make fly Dwayne Johnson

Expected for July 27, 2022, Black Adam will use revolutionary visual effects technology to stage the hero’s superpowers.

Black adam
Black adam

The expectations of fans are growing as the Black Adam project progresses! Dwayne Johnson aficionados have been wanting to see their idol don a superhero costume for a very long time.

It’s now done with Black Adam, a film that will use new technology to showcase the character’s superpowers, including his ability to fly.

According to Hiram Garcia, producer of the feature film and close collaborator of Dwayne Johnson (Jumanji, Jungle Cruise), one aspect of Black Adam will set him apart from other films in the genre: the way his powers will be shown on screen.

“Par example, vYou are not going to see the hero use his super speed in one scene and never use it afterwards. He will stop at nothing and know how to make full use of all his arsenal “, confides Garcia in the columns of Collider.

The latter Garcia also evokes a new technology to make Black Adam fly. According to the producer, these next-gen visual effects will make viewers feel a special and authentic feeling.

To portray the full power of the superhero on screen was a challenge of the utmost importance.

“It’s unheard of! To portray on screen the full power of the superhero was a challenge of the utmost importance during the development of the project.”, reveals Hiram Garcia.

The latter also ensures that the feature film will remain a PG-13 film (Parental consent recommended, film not recommended for children under 13) and will not be as bloody as The Suicide Squad for example.

“The team believe they are able to represent the power of Black Adam without overly graphic violence. Their approach to the PG-13 will be the same as The Dark Knight, which remains very dark, and this classification is not going to limit the death toll to the screen. The film is open to a wide audience and will be a real entertainment “, says the producer.

As a reminder, Black Adam is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. It is in the same universe as Shazam, the feature film worn by Zachary Levi released in 2019. The second opus, Fury of The Gods, will be released on May 31, 2023. Before that, Dwayne Johnson will hit the track on the 27th July 2022. If these blockbusters are successful, we will surely be entitled to an epic confrontation between the two superheroes in a few years.

In the meantime, find Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise

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