Bizarre Rituals around the World that will leave you Amazed

Bizarre Rituals around the World that will leave you Amazed

We live in a world where number of religions, cultures and traditions exist. Some are normal, unusual, odd and some very gruesome. It sounds totally weird and bizarre to us, but it is acceptable to the true believers.

People on this planet are much weird than you would have ever imagined. The kind of bizarre rituals makes people to go to extremes in the name of culture, religion and tradition. It will make you want to pinch yourself just to make sure it’s real and not your imagination. These unusual customs and rituals are believed to bring good luck to recover from long term illness, devotion to God and for many more reasons.

Bizarre Rituals around the World

Here are some of the most insane rituals from around the world that will convince you the people of this planet are bonkers.

Bullet Ant Gloves Amazon

Bullet Ant Gloves Amazon is the most painful Initiation ritual for the Satere-Mawe tribe of the Amazon. You are not a man if you don’t take part in this ritual. When a young boy becomes sexually matured, he goes in the jungle with a medicine man and other boys of his age to gather bullet ants with the most painful sting in the world. The sting from these ants is compared to a bullet hitting the flesh. The boy is made to stick his hands into gloves packed with hundreds of angry, ferocious, deadly Bullet Ant for ten whole minutes. If he can bear the sting then the tribe believes that intense pain and suffering make the young men tougher and better warriors.

Bride Kidnapping:

According to the Ramni Gypsies tradition, if a man kidnaps a girl and is able to keep her hostage for 3-5 days, then they have all the right to get married to the girl. Kidnapping is illegal and a crime but not for these Gypsies.

Tooth Filing is one of the biggest ceremonies. This ceremony is a significant from puberty to adulthood. This ritual is for males and females before marriage. It is sometimes incorporated into the marriage ceremony. The Balinese believe that the teeth are the symbol of lust. Greed, anger, confusion and jealousy and the custom of fling teeth renders a person physically and spiritually. This ceremony is also a symbol that the females have entered from adolescent to adulthood.

Greet Magpies (UK):

People in U.K believe that seeing one magpie is bad luck. But these same people believe that they can get rid of the bad luck if they greet the birdGood morning” Mr. Magpie “and how your lady wife is today.

The Bizarre ritual of throwing a newborn baby off a temple 50ft high and catching them in a cloth has been celebrated in India since last 500 years. It is a practise by couples who are blessed with a child after taking a vow at the Sri Santeswar temple in the state of Karnataka. This ritual is observed by both Muslims and Hindus every year and takes place with tight security. The ritual takes place in the first week of December and is believed to bring health prosperity and good luck to new arrivals. Around 200 babies are dropped by their parents every year, while the spectators sing and dance. Most of the infants are under two year’s olds.

Giraffe Women:

Ever wanted a long, slender neck like that of a giraffe? Be a girl of Thailand’s Karen tribe in your next birth. It is a popular belief that a long neck adds to the beauty, elegance and attractiveness of a girl. A girl belonging to this tribe starts wearing rings around their neck at an age as young as five. The rings keep adding over the time thereby stretching the neck and making it longer.

These customs are some of the strange and bizarre practises in some of the most wonderful place in the world.

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