Biggest Bathroom Design Trends of 2022

It was not too long ago when we can vividly remember bathroom design getting very little attention. Design of the bathroom was an afterthought; a space that just had to serve its purpose in an efficient manner. The change of millennium though seemed to have slowly altered that perception. Today, bathrooms are stylish, elegant and drench you in extravagance that you see fit! And the top bathroom design trends of 2022 thus far perfectly capture this love for luxury.

Spa-styled bathrooms are a hit in contemporary homes
Image: ReVision Design Remodeling

Whether you are planning for a major bathroom renovation or looking for ways in which you can quickly alter the bathroom vibe, the best trends of the year guide you in the right direction. From colors that move away from the usual trope of neutrals to dashing freestanding bathtubs and styles that feel fresh, this is a look at ways in which you can add something special to the bathroom. Read on to find out more about these cool ideas along with ample inspiration –

Spa-Styled Freestanding Bathtub

The stylish shower in the corner along with the fixed bathtub were the norm of the 90’s and early 2000’s. But the last decade saw a steady change away from this idea with homeowners embracing the freestanding bathtub inspired by luxurious spas and holiday destinations. Even though the vintage claw-foot bathtub at its colorful best still adds something unique to the bathroom, it is the contemporary freestanding bathtub in white that takes the top spot. Even if you are moving away from white and gray, make sure the bathtub is still modern, sleek and offers additional features that make for a relaxing soak.

Make the freestanding bathtub the focal point of your bathroom
Image: PRM Custom Builders
Lovely freestanding bathtub in white brings something different to the minimal bathroom
Image: McLean Quinlan

Dip into Marble

Another bathroom trend that seems to have taken homes across the globe by storm is the use of natural stone. This year, this trend takes you into the polished and charming world of marble. Marble countertops and backsplashes can easily become a part of your existing modern bathroom and they neatly fit in with the spa-inspired narrative. Eye-catching marble-top vanities are well worth the extra dough you spend on them while marble flooring combined with marble-look stone countertops are a great way to update the weary bathroom.

Marble hexagonal tiles and marble countertops for the modern bathroom
Image: Pear Tree Design Group
Bring luxury into the bathroom with marble beauty
Image: Crystal Kitchen + Bath

Go Industrial with Style

Industrial style is all about efficiency and frugality. That is probably why it is welcomed so gleefully by homeowners all over. Combining multiple elements that usher in a wide range of textures and finishes, industrial bathrooms have become a sort of ‘style icon’ in the last decade. Everything from exposed plumbing to lovely brick walls, concrete finishes to subway style, wooden panels and Edison bulb lighting come together so very charmingly in here. The best industrial style bathrooms feel as if they are not just trying too hard; it is all about going with the flow!

Modern industrial style bathroom with exposed brick wall and duct pipes
Image: Custhome
Bring industrial elements into the modern bathroom
Image: Robert Nebolon Architects

Biophilia with Modern Twist

Nature is a huge part of any decorating trend this year and the bathroom is no exception. Opening up the bathroom to the private garden or greenery-filled balcony is an idea that seems to changing homes at the moment. There are of course, much less dramatic ways to embrace nature with living walls and indoor plants in the bathroom adding all the greenery one needs. Of course, for those who are just cannot maintain a plethora of indoor plants, you can always resort to artificial one for rescue. But that would only be as a last, unavoidable option.

Embrace greenery in the bathroom
Image: Change Your Bathroom
Bathroom with a view of private garden
Image: Design 4 Corners

Color-Blocking Lives On!

Like many other hot trends each year, color blocking finds its origin in the fashion world. An expression of bold design, confidence and exuberance, color blocking in home design also carries a similar aura. Brilliant blocks of color in the bathroom, both around the counter and near the shower area, add an unmistakable and captivating contemporary vibe to it. A perfect way to enliven the boring white bathroom, color blocking is here to stay.

Wonderful use of color blocks in the bathroom
Image: Trendesign book
Blocks of bold color enliven the monochromatic white bathroom
Image: Alloy Workshop

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Gorgeous Green and Terracotta

Looking for ways in which you can give your bathroom a simple, aesthetic makeover? If hot bathroom colors are what you are after, then you need not look beyond gorgeous greens and earthen beauty of terracotta. It is not very hard to notice the ‘nature’ connection with both these hues. Greens in the bathroom fill it with color and brightness while terracotta ushers in warmth and class. You can pick one of the many shades from the two hues depending on styles and size of the bathroom.

Green is a hot hue in the bathroom in 2022
Image: Katya Geits Photography
Earthen terracotta color for contemporary bathroom
Picture: Elle Decor

Magic of Wallpaper

In a tribute to the colorful 80’s wallpaper is making a grand comeback in bathrooms once again and 2022 is the year to give it a try. Instead of conventional wallpaper designs, think floral and large pattern in here. Feel free to move away from the more ‘contemporary wallpaper’ trend in the last few years and try out more effervescent patterns. Vinyl wallpaper works best in bathrooms as it is largely resistant to heat and moisture exposure. Make sure that you are wallpapered bathroom walls are not too exposed to splashes and sprays despite their durable design.

Wall murals and wallpaper bring color to the bathroom
Image: Andrea Vertua Architect
Wallpaper creates a cool little niche in the modern bathroom
Image: Signature Designs Kitchen Bath Interiors

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