Big spoiler at Marvel: the future of the MCU revealed?

Expected for March 23, 2022 in theaters, Doctor Strange 2 promises to mark a turning point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recent leaks have thus announced major events that will upset the future of the superhero saga.

Big spoiler at marvel: the future of the mcu revealed?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is already shaping up to be a turning point in the MCU! Directed by Sam Raimi, the man who had woven the first Spider-Man saga on the big screen, the film will tell the continuation of the adventures of Stephen Strange, still played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

The latter, who will also appear in Spider-Man No Way Home, in theaters on December 15, will use his magical powers to immerse us in parallel universes. This “multiverse” will open up almost unlimited possibilities for the Maison des Idées, which will not pray to offer us more and more shows, gradually introducing new characters.

This will be the case for example of the Eternals, who will land in our regions on November 3. Then, Marvel will launch the 3rd installment of Spider-Man with Tom Holland in December before rewarding us with the second installment of Doctor Strange on March 23, 2022.


In any case, this feature film promises to offer us sacred surprises and launch a new era for the MCU. According to leaks relayed by a Reddit user who has already posted Marvel scoops in the past, the firm would like to set up new Avengers teams.

Thus, according to this “insider” (MyTimeToShineHello on Reddit), the studio would introduce in Doctor Strange 2 a whole new group of superheroes called “The Illuminati”. The story will follow Strange and America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) traveling the multiverse in an attempt to escape Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), the film’s main villain.

They will meet a variant of Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a master of the mystical arts in his universe already appeared in the first part. He will trap Strange and Chavez and capture them in the Illuminati prison.

But who are the Illuminati in the comics? They are a sort of multiverse police force led by Charles Xavier of the X-Men. This secret association of superheroes from the Marvel universe acts in the shadows. The group formed after the Kree-Skrull War. Their existence is revealed in New Avengers # 7 (July 2005). They were created by Brian Michael Bendis (screenplay) and Steve McNiven (design).

Big spoiler at marvel: the future of the mcu revealed?

The Illuminati in the comics

Previous leaks already spoke of the appearance of X-Men superheroes in Doctor Strange 2, citing Professor X. According to the Reddit insider, Wanda will be confronted by Xavier as she tries to join Chavez.

The latter can glide between multiverse with ease, while Wanda can only project her spirit into the bodies of other people. She will eventually “possess” the Wanda of the Illuminati universe and attack the group of superheroes.

Chavez will eliminate some of the Illuminati in the process. In particular, there will be a fight between Professor X and Wanda in the film. Responding to questions from netizens, the “Redditor” said the Illuminati team will have six members. Mordo and Professor X will therefore be part of it.

Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Captain Marvel (in the guise of Monica Rambeau aka Teyonah Parris) would also be members of the team. Can we expect Iron Man to return from another universe to the Illuminati? Leaks do not mention its presence. Yet he is there in the comics.

In comics, the Illuminati look like this:

  • Iron Man, representing Avengers type heroes (so those who deal with governments)
  • Mr Fantastic, representing the scientific heroes Namor, reigning over the oceans, represents those who are perceived as anti-heroes
  • Black Arrow, representing the Inhumans; like Namor, represents the hero leading a secret people (he’s actually a skrull)
  • Doctor Strange, representing the heroes of the mystical side
  • Professor Xavier, representative of mutants

See you on March 23, 2022 to have the end of the story!


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