Big Shot on Disney +: what is this sports series with John Stamos?  - News Series on TV

Big Shot on Disney +: what is this sports series with John Stamos? – News Series on TV

Available on Disney +, Big Shot is the new drama from prolific David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies, Ally McBeal). This sports series is worn by John Stamos as a basketball coach for a brilliant female team.


College campus basketball coach gets fired. He finds a job as a sports teacher in a private secondary school for girls.


After recent The Undoing and Big Sky, the prolific David E. Kelley is already back with a new series written in collaboration with Dean Lorey. Far from these usual dramas, David E. Kelley returns to a more quirky atmosphere such as that of Ally McBeal with Big Shot, worn by John Stamos.

The actor plays Marvyn Korn, a renowned basketball coach who played in the men’s varsity championship in Wisconsin, forced to coach a team at Westbrook Girls’ School in La Jolla, Calif., After throwing a chair on a referee during a match.

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Temporarily banned from the university championship, Marvyn Korn will have to prove himself by coaching teenage girls in order to save his career and his reputation. If the beginnings are difficult, Marvyn gradually adapts to his new players and will finally become the man he dreamed of being. Thanks to the links he forges with the girls, the latter succeed in asserting themselves and surpassing themselves in the field.

John Stamos (Emergency, La Fête à la maison) brilliantly embodies this trainer with an oversized ego who will have to swallow his pride to hope to relaunch his career. He will be supported by his assistant Holly, camped by Jessalyn Gilsig (Vikings), but also Sherilyn, the hilarious principal of Westbrook high school played by Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), and George (Richard Robichaux), the school counselor.

Composed of 10 episodes, Big Shot is a family sports drama, full of good feelings, which tells through the path of redemption of this coach and the progression of the women’s team a beautiful story of surpassing oneself, which does not lack of ’emotions and a touch of humor.

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