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A few days ago Miguel Ángel Gil gave his opinion on the drift of LaLiga on the club’s website. Are car interviews They are not complete journalistic products, but some things of value can be extracted. In this he complained about the problems that LaLiga faces against foreign capital, which does pour its money into the Premier, Seria A or Ligue 1—in the Bundesliga they are held back by the 51% that partners retain by law. Private investors or large funds appear from North America; from the Middle East, sovereign funds from Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi; others come from China or Southeast Asia… They believe that giving losses to improve the team is not bad management but investment, they do not understand why they cannot cover the losses, they want to sign so that there is more income and their clubs are worth more.

But economic control is still sacred here. Whoever wants to enter has to divide the investment over 4 or 5 years and until now they could only dedicate 40% to transfers – on Thursday it was extended to 50% and even 60% to sign a player whose value does not exceed 5% of the authorized staff cost. On the other hand, a club exceeded In his salary bill he can only invest 25% of what he earns from transfers and 50% of the corresponding salary savings in new signings.

To make things more complicated, taxation here is tougher. More or less, paying a million net to a footballer costs a LaLiga club 1.89, compared to 1.72 in the Bundesliga, 1.62 in France, and 1.4 in Italy. And this previous panorama was only missing the emergence of Saudi Arabia, with its unlimited money.

Economic Control was an uplifting austerity rule that served in its day, but now it seems to go against time. The Spanish market is the one that has moved the least, it has even left a positive balance of 53 million between purchases and sales abroad; debt has been reduced in exchange for impoverishing staff. The list of players we will miss is long: Benzema, Asensio, Dembélé, Ansu Fati, Busquets, Jordi Alba, Carrasco, Kondogbia, Bono, Canales, Luiz Felipe, Pau Torres, Chukwueze, Jackson, Danjuma, Gabri Veiga, Kang- in Lee, El Bilal… What has come, Bellingham and Gündogan at the helm, does not compensate for that loss.

Has our championship been refined with this effort? LaLiga has just published the salary limits and in the First Division there are nine clubs that have had their salaries reduced and eleven that have had their salaries improved. In total, the money for squads drops 344 million this year, although the essential cause is Barça, which is reduced by 378. But it is also lowered for eight others and the joint reality is that there are 344 million less for squads of what there was – how Barça is managing is something as difficult to decipher as the law of succession of prime numbers.

Economic Control was the great success of Thebes, but perhaps the times demand another strategy. In the presentation of the salary limits, he explained that the Premier lost 1,000 million last year and that it has losses of 5,000. In Italy, the Treasury has deferred a debt of 500 million to Serie A. In France the deformity is caused by PSG, whose salary bill represents 60% of the total. Tebas trusts that between government measures and fair play Financially things get back on track. And remember that in Spain we have had bad experiences with investors, see the cases of Racing, Málaga, Espanyol, Valencia…

Meanwhile, our championship is weakening. The Premier has already taken first place from us in the ranking UEFA and now the second one is threatened by Italy, which if this year is ahead will have the right to five Champions teams the next course. Luckily, this year we came out with five in that competition thanks to Sevilla, but last year’s joint performance does not call for optimism.

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