Better Call Saul season 6: fans loved episode 8’s bloody ending – News…

Fans of the “Better Call” Saul series were shocked by the outcome of episode 8 of the final season, available on Netflix. Warning, SPOILERS.

Please note, the following details the plot of episode 8 of Better Call Saul season 6, available on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want to know anything about its content, then you are strongly recommended to stop reading this article now.

And Lalo is also leaving us… The drug trafficker embodied by Tony Dalton in Better Call Saul was killed by his rival Gus Fring during the eighth episode of the current season 6, available on Netflix. Remember that in the last episode to date – which closed the first part of this final season – Lalo Salamanca had shown untold cruelty by shooting poor Howard Hamlin in cold blood, under the eyes of Jimmy McGill (alias Saul Goodman ) and Kim Wexler.

More cunning than ever in this new episode of the prequel to breaking Bad, Lalo forces Jimmy to go to Gus’s home for him and kill him, then bring him the photographic evidence of the murder, otherwise he will eliminate Kim whom he is holding hostage throughout the operation. In order to protect his wife, Jimmy manages to convince him to reverse the roles: Kim will go and kill Gus, while he himself will remain Lalo’s hostage. The latter accepts the proposal without making any difficulties.

However, things do not go as planned: Kim is intercepted by Mike who, under the supervision of Gus, takes the lead in an operation to eliminate Lalo. The latter had nevertheless foreseen the betrayal of the McGills, and took a step ahead by going to Gus’s laboratory to finally prove the existence of the premises to his boss, Don Eladio.

Better call saul season 6: fans loved episode 8's bloody ending - news...

A last masterful episode for this villain of anthology!

But Gus understands the situation at play when Kim confesses to his men that Jimmy managed to convince Lalo to switch roles. Modifying his plans along the way does not correspond to the usual modus operandi of the drug trafficker. Accompanied by several men, Gus goes to the laboratory and falls into the trap set up by his rival.

During an extremely tense head-to-head, Gus nevertheless manages to regain the upper hand, and shoot Lalo down with a bullet in the neck; he himself owes his life only to the bulletproof vest he was wearing, but still got hit in the side, although it was not a fatal wound (since Gus is not supposed to die at this stage of history, but a few years later by the hand of Hector Salamanca, Lalo’s uncle).

How did Internet users react to the death of this emblematic character of the series?

The episodes of the second part of the final season of Better Call Saul can be found every Tuesday, exclusively on Netflix!

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