Best Verizon Tablet Deals and Sales for September 2021

Best verizon tablet deals and sales for september 2021

Verizon tablet deals are always a great way to score a juicy discount on a brand-name Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, especially for Verizon customers (or even those looking to switch carriers) who can take advantage of the numerous offers and incentives that this service provider loves to run year-round. Many of these markdowns also come in the form of sign-up bonuses, trade-in rebates, and bundle deals, with the added bonus of being able to finance your new tablet for a low monthly payment, and even roll it into your phone bill, rather than paying a big lump sum up-front.

That means that not only are these Verizon tablet sales among the best ways for grabbing a brand-name device and saving some cash, but you’ve got more buying options and flexibility than you do with most traditional retail outlets. Sound enticing? Read on: We’ve already gathered up all the best Verizon tablet deals, offers, and bundles right here.

Today’s best Verizon tablet deals

How to choose a tablet at Verizon

Verizon mostly runs Apple iPad deals and Samsung Galaxy Tab deals on its online storefront, so keep this in mind before you jump into these Verizon tablet sales in hopes of finding other brands. Nonetheless, these are easily the two best tablet makers out there today, with the iconic iPad remaining the most popular and the Galaxy Tab line offering up some fantastic iPad alternatives for the Android crowd.

Another thing to consider is that Apple and Samsung tablets are top of the line — which means they rank among the most premium touchscreen devices on the market today other than laptops and flagship smartphones (although Samsung does offer some cheaper tablets with its Galaxy Tab A series). However, this just means that these Verizon tablet deals are where you’ll find some of the biggest markdowns on his brand-name tech, especially if you’re in a position to take advantage of any sign-up offers, trade-in rebates, and other Verizon new customer deals that are on tap at any given time.

Choosing between an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab isn’t a terribly difficult decision and there’s a good chance you already know which of the two you prefer. They’re the best tablets money can buy and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. If you’re an iPhone user and an Apple fan, then the iPad is the obvious choice. Android smartphone owners, on the other hand, will be glad to know that Galaxy tablets have improved dramatically in recent years, largely bridging the gap between Android and Apple that used to exist in this niche (although Apple iPads are still far and away more popular).

Of course, there’s no reason an Android phone user can’t own an Apple tablet and vice-versa, and you might not even care at all about your devices sharing a software ecosystem. The most popular apps are common to both platforms and you should have no trouble accessing all of your accounts and content libraries on Android as well as iPadOS. The more difficult decision you’re likely to face when shopping Verizon tablet sales is which particular model to get, rather than which operating system.

Apple’s tablet lineup consists of four models: The standard 10.2-inch iPad, the pint-sized iPad Mini, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. The Pro itself is available in two different sizes as well, and all of them are offered in various hardware configurations and with different wireless connectivity options. The best iPad to buy boils down to your budget and preferences. We still recommend the 10.2-inch iPad to most people, but the iPad Air is a great middle option that’ll get you some nice upgrades for not a lot of extra cash. The premium iPad Pro is for serious users and is a great choice if you plan to use your tablet as a lightweight 2-in-1 laptop paired with a keyboard, while the iPad Mini is the obvious pick for those who favor portability.

If you’ve got your sights set on a Samsung Galaxy Tab as you search for Verizon tablet deals, you have a different price range to work with. The best Samsung tablets are the Galaxy S devices, but the Galaxy A line contains some pretty solid cheap Android tablets if you’re on a budget and/or you just want something that’s basic and affordable. The Galaxy S devices are typically pricier than the standard iPad and iPad Air but not as costly as the iPad Pro models. However, the Galaxy Tab S5e is a very solid value for the money at a price that’s similar to that of the iPad Air. The Galaxy A tablets are quite a bit cheaper than even the 10.2-inch iPad (which retails for just over $300).

You might see a couple of other names available when shopping through any Verizon tablet sales, but our general recommendation is to stick with the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy devices. These are the best brands in the tablet game and cover a nice range of price points. There’s little chance you won’t find something that’s a good fit for you from these two makers, or that you’ll find something better elsewhere.

All of these tablets have Wi-Fi, but you also have the option of adding cellular connectivity that allows you to use your iPad or Galaxy Tab on your mobile data plan. That will cost you an extra premium, but if you want that wireless data functionality, then Verizon tablet deals are the best way to score one at a discount considering that Verizon is a cellular service provider and likes to offer savings for things like new lines, plan upgrades, etc. just as you’d get with the purchase of a new smartphone.

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