The best romance shows on Netflix right now

The best romance shows on Netflix right now

Netflix may rule the romp with its selection of rom-com and romantic drama movies, but the selection of romance TV shows isn’t as extensive. Luckily, the best romance shows on Netflix are an international affair, as the streamer pulls original series from around the world to help fill that gap.

Without that international flavor, we wouldn’t have this month’s vampire romantic comedy, Tooth Fairy: When Love Bites, which comes from India. Then there’s Australian surfing romance survive the summer, AttractiveOn the other hand, it can come from any country, as long as it involves an original artist. sex and the City,

There are always new series coming to Netflix, but finding the next great romance show is a real challenge. Even at international shows, you have to really search before you find what you’re looking for. Luckily, reading our list of the best romance shows on Netflix is ​​much easier than searching for these series yourself. You might even find your next favorite show.

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