Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations to Buy Under $50

You can choose to disagree with me but my personal observation is that people lay a lot of emphasis on indoor Christmas decorations and outdoors generally receive an adopted child treatment. To people celebrating Christmas, I want to bring to your attention that your porch, deck, façade, or entryway are the first things people notice before entering inside.

Thus it becomes important to spruce up your exterior and make it as merry as the inside. If you are pondering how to do it, don’t worry we have got you covered with 15 outdoor Christmas decorations that are available for under $50. From lighted lawn decorations to Christmas inflatables, these items are cheap yet beautiful. This way you can hold on to your money and also bring charm to your Christmas decoration.

Penguin Yard Light

Penguin Yard light for Christmas
Image: Amazon

If you fancy tradition over a trendy Christmas display, this Penguin yard light is a cute addition to your festive décor. This particular Penguin yard light available on Amazon includes a 21-inches tall tinsel Penguin with 80 LED warm white lights in the clear wire. Perfect for outdoor use, they are classy, unique, and really adorable. On the downside, you might have to tie it with something so the nose and feet don’t fall off so easily.

Buy: $49.99

Christmas Candy Cane stars

Christmas candy with cane stars for outdoor decorations
Image: Amazon

Legend has it that the white of the cane represents the purity of Jesus Christ while the red stripes are for the blood he shed when he died on the cross. Whatever might be the case, adding candy canes to Christmas décor will always yield good results. The entire package is equipped with eight Christmas candy canes stars that create a nostalgic decorative charm around your house.

Buy: $20

Inflatable Snowman with LEDs

Inflatable snowman with LEDs will elevate your Christmas decor
Image: Amazon

Snowmen are ridiculously cute and this particular inflatable is even better. Standing 5 feet tall, the inflatable snowman is a wonderful addition to your festive décor. I can’t get over the cute and chubby inflatable body and to compliment the tubby shape it comes accompanied with rotating colorful LED lights that can make your yard stand out from the neighbors.

Buy: $29

Lighted Reindeer Sleigh

2D lighted reindeer sleigh
Image: Amazon

If I had to choose my personal favorite outdoor Christmas decoration, a lighted Reindeer sleigh would be right at the top of my list. Add fun to your yard with the 2D lighted reindeer sleigh that is made of a durable metal frame and covered in hand-sewn tinsel fabrics for a lovely look. The 23.5-inch deer and 22.5-inch sled create a glowing nighttime display.

Buy: $45

Inflatable Christmas Ball

Inflatable Christmas Ball for Outdoor Christmas decorations
Image: Amazon

There is barely any item that brings a strong holiday atmosphere as Christmas balls do. Shimmering with its bright LED lights, this particular Christmas ball is made of high-quality PVC. The 24-inch large outdoor decoration ball features sixteen color LED lighting effects and will not deform in the snow.

Buy: $26

Pathway Yard Stake Lights

Pathway yard stake lights
Image: Amazon

Suitable for outdoor usage, Christmas tree-shaped yard stakes are a worthy addition to your outdoor decoration. These pathway yard stakes create a sense of festive atmosphere. Available in two lighting modes, these Christmas tree-shaped garden decoration lights are suitable for outdoor use, irrespective of frost, rain, snow, or sleet.

Buy: $10

Snowman flag with Lights

Snowman Flag with lights for Christmas decor
Image: Amazon

Equipped with LED lights and a solar panel, this snowman flag shines bright at night. The light automatically turns on at dusk, and off to charge during the daytime as long as the solar panel is exposed to the sunlight. It is made of premium linen material which will not wear out after continued use. The user has the power to choose from eight different lighting modes and speeds to enhance the festive ambiance.

Buy: $24

Inflatable Christmas Tree with Led Lights

Christmas tree with LED lights
Image: Amazon

Adorable and kid-friendly, this 7ft inflatable Christmas tree will add fun to your yard. The inflatable tree features super bright white led lights that light up in the evening to attract neighbors and guests. In addition to that, it also has a few packages, candy canes, Santa Claus, and other Christmas elements attached to it.

Buy: $40

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Christmas Front Door Banner

Reversible Christmas banner with string lights
Image: Amazon

Featuring a double-sided design, the Christmas front door banner will add a perfect touch to your yard this year. On the one side, it has a Halloween theme while on the other, it boasts a Christmas theme. Whatever might be the case, there are a total of eight light modes that create an amazing atmosphere during Halloween and Christmas celebrations.

Buy: $26

Inflatable Nutcracker Window Decoration

Inflatable Nutcracker with Candy Cane
Image: Amazon

Imagine the sight when 3.5ft Christmas nutcracker inflatable holds a candy cane and waves its hand, leaning out from the window. Absolute magical! Easy and fast to set up, the inflatable nutcracker window decoration will attract neighbors, who I am sure, would be jealous of your setup.

Buy: $40

Welcome Doormat

Merry Christmas Door Mat
Image: Amazon

Apart from helping you stop guests from trekking in dirt and mud from outside, doormats also complement your interior décor. With Christmas coming, this rectangular-shaped doormat measuring 30 x 17-inches will not only elevate your entryway décor but also deliver an excellent scratching performance. Made of 0.5-inch coconut fiber, it is durable and boasts a soft and trendy design.

Buy: $26

Hanging Santa Claus

Santa Claus Hanging Christmas Decorations Outdoor
Image: Amazon

Made of high-quality plush fabric, the hanging Santa Claus Christmas decorations will add a festive touch to your home. Santa’s hat and hand are equipped with strong double-sided tape that allows you to hang it on the roof, porch, and windows. As a kid’s favorite prop, it is suitable for both outdoor and indoor Christmas decorations and will create a jolly atmosphere during the Christmas season.

Buy: $26

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Outdoor String Lights

Christmas Lights Outdoor Decorations
Image: Amazon

Perfect for decorating mantelpieces and houses, outdoor string lights should be on your bucket list during Christmas. Bright and colorful enough to be seen, these lights create a wonderful ambiance around. In addition, they are energy efficient and come with a timer.

Buy: $40

Christmas Ball Ornament Lights

Christmas Ball Ornaments LED Light Bulbs
Image: Amazon

Set off the holiday atmosphere with the Christmas ball ornament lights by Chivao. Sturdy and not easy to break, these Christmas ball ornament lights are made of quality plastic with a silver metal cap. These ornament lights have stylish reflective shine and transparent surfaces. Measuring 3.15 inches in diameter, every package includes six LED Christmas bulbs that will enhance the overall ambiance of the outdoor area.

Buy: $16

Christmas LED Display Projector

Minetom Halloween and Christmas Projector
Image: Amazon

Versatile in nature, Minetom LED light projector can be placed on the ground or mounted on a wall or ceiling. This uniquely designed projector is equipped with two motor drivers that project a total of 16 holiday patterns with the likes of Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day. It is a unique addition to your Christmas bucket list but there is no harm in giving it a try. After all, there is a remote control that comes in handy with the projector and has several options to change the color

Buy: $39

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