Best Labor Day AirPods Deals 2021: Shop from $110

Labor Day AirPods deals are here alongside all the other great Labor Day sales we’re spotting right now. Whether you’re looking for the regular AirPods, AirPods Pro, or even the latest AirPods Max, there are some great Labor Day AirPods sales going on right now that are sure to save you plenty of cash. Besides rounding up all the best Labor Day AirPods deals going on at the moment, we’ve also taken some time to look at whether now is the right and best time for you to make such a purchase. We’ve also looked at some key buying advice so you end up buying the right AirPods for your needs. Keep on reading while we guide you through everything.

Labor Day AirPods Deals 2021

Should you buy AirPods on Labor Day?

Like with any purchase, the first question you should ask yourself is how much do you need AirPods? If you currently have some fully working earbuds or headphones that do everything you need of them, you might simply be feeling tempted by the Labor Day AirPods deals going on rather than genuinely need to make a purchase. It’s important to not buy impulsively unless you’re really keen on the idea.

Alongside that, you’ll want to consider your budget. Apple AirPods are fairly inexpensive for good quality earphones but that price increases once you consider buying the version with a wireless charging case, the Apple AirPods Pro or the Apple AirPods Max, all of which cost more. Whether it’s worth it depends on how much you plan on using them and how.

The Labor Day AirPods sales are a great time to get more for less so bear that in mind before you make a purchase. However, it’s very easy to be tempted by sales season, simply because something is available for a good price. Do your research by reading through our guide below and spend accordingly. Resist spending too much even if the Labor Day AirPods deals are really tempting.

When it comes to timing, Labor Day is a pretty good time to make a technology purchase. Since Prime Day, the summer has been relatively quiet when it comes to great deals and Black Friday is still a couple of months away from happening. Labor Day AirPods Watch sales are one of your last chances to get a good offer before then, and if you buy now, you get to enjoy the benefits that they bring for longer than if you hold on until later in the year.

Sure, if you hold out until Black Friday, you might grab a better deal than those available via the Labor Day AirPods deals out there but why wait if you want it now? It also means you’ll need to spend money on new AirPods in time for the holidays when money might be tighter and you might need to cut back a little. Increasingly, sales like Labor Day work out almost if not equally as good value as waiting until the big sales events in November anyhow so it could be worth your while to jump into the sales now rather than wait.

Just remember — don’t be tempted by new AirPods unless you really need them. For some of us, it’s essential to have good earphones or headphones for our daily commutes and similar but for others, they’re fun extras that enhance our lives but aren’t everything. You don’t want to spend cash you don’t have simply because you were lured into a sale. That’s why it’s a smart move to do your research and know what you’re looking for before you buy any AirPods. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on that front before you hit the Labor Day AirPods sales.

How to choose AirPods on Labor Day

When trying to figure out which AirPods to buy, you have three core options. There are the standard Apple AirPods, the Apple AirPods Pro, and the Apple AirPods Max.

Before we dive too deep, it’s worth noting that all are highly regarded. In particular, the Apple AirPods Max are considered some of the best headphones out there, particularly for iPhone users, while the Apple AirPods are the best earbuds for Apple users.

For the majority of users, it’s important to know the difference between AirPods Pro and AirPods as they’re the main two varieties that many users will consider purchasing. Apple AirPods are cheaper, especially when you throw in the Labor Day AirPods deals going on right now. That’s because they often come with a normal charging case that you power up via a Lightning cable rather than using a wireless charging case, although it is possible to buy AirPods with the latter option. Wireless charging is convenient but it may not be a dealbreaker for you if you don’t mind plugging in cables. Ultimately, however you charge up, you get the same battery life.

Regular Apple AirPods don’t offer water resistance while the Apple AirPods Pro have IPX4 water resistance which is good enough for dealing with sweaty workouts or bad weather conditions. Neither are waterproof so you may want to look elsewhere if you plan on swimming with your earphones.

Sound quality-wise, the AirPods Pro are the ones you need to pick in the Labor Day AirPods sales. They have adaptive EQ which means they adjust to the shape of your ear providing you with better sound quality every step of the way. It’s a noticeable difference compared to the respectable but not so individual nature of regular AirPods. AirPods Pro also provide active noise cancellation which means you can block out outside noises and focus on what you’re listening to rather than be easily distracted. A transparency mode means you can always switch back when you need to listen out to what’s going on around you. If you plan on using earphones while working, the Apple AirPods Pro are the ones for you as once you experience noise cancellation features, you’ll never want to go back to regular earbuds again.

There’s another option to consider too — the Apple AirPods Max. We referred to them as the most fun headphones ever when we reviewed them earlier this year. Frustratingly, they only charge via the Lightning cable but other than that, they offer everything you could need albeit at a hefty price. As part of the Labor Day AirPods sales, that’s less of an issue, however.

The Apple AirPods Max offer best-in-class active noise cancellation and a truly superior transparency mode which means they’re a great bet when you want to zone out from your daily commute or simply focus on what you’re listening to. They offer exceptional build quality too so they feel as high-end as they cost, alongside great sound quality and an impressive soundstage. Even when it comes to taking calls via them, you get all the benefits of a high-end experience through the Apple AirPods Max so an investment via the Labor Day AirPods sales could be worth your while if you take a lot of calls for work.

So, which do you buy? Much of your decision-making process should come down to your budget and how you like wearing your headphones or earphones. If you can afford it and you like earbuds, the Apple AirPods Pro are a good middle-range option offering great sound and all the key features you could need. However, if you prefer the comfort of full headphones around your ears, the Labor Day AirPods deals are a great time to treat yourself to some high-end AirPods Max.

Alternatively, if you’re on a tight budget and simply want to know you own AirPods then grab the standard Apple AirPods. Keep costs even lower with the wired charging case and you still get many of the benefits of AirPods for far less, particularly when it comes to the Labor Day AirPods sales keeping costs down.

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