Best HP Envy deals for June 2022

The HP Envy line of devices offers a surprisingly wide range, from laptops to desktops to printers. There is a lot to offer here if you want to choose one of these products. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best HP Envy deals so you don’t have to sift through dozens of products to get to the good stuff.

Today’s best HP Envy deals

  • HP Envy Inspire 7955e All-in-One Printer — $220, was $270
  • HP Envy Desktop — $450, was $550
  • HP Envy x360 Convertible Laptop — $640, was $740
  • HP Envy Laptop — $700, was $940

HP Envy Inspire 7955e All-in-One Printer – $220, was $270

The hp envy inspire 7955e wireless all-in-one printer on a white background.

Why buy

  • Includes six months of HP Instant Ink subscription
  • Great print quality
  • Has a good scanner that can save documents in PDF format
  • Includes automatic document feeder

As the world shifted to working from home, printers have come a long way now that many people need to print things from home. As such, all-in-one printers have had a lot of great features added while still maintaining a pretty good price, like the HP Envy Inspire 7955e, which has some similarities to the HP Envy Inspire 7900e which we have already reviewed. For example, one thing we like to see at this price is the addition of the automatic document feeder (ADF), which can hold up to 125 sheets of paper.

Another nice addition is the inclusion of an HP Instant Ink subscription for six months, which is basically a subscription service that sends you ink. There are different levels of instant ink packaging, and each is based on the number of pages you can print per month, with the minimum being 10 pages per month for 99 cents per month, up to 700 pages per month for $25 per month. While it might seem odd to opt for a print subscription, it does bring down the overall price per page, which is a big deal considering the cost of ink cartridges these days. If you print several hundred pages per month, the subscription will save you a lot of money over time.

As for print quality, it has a resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI for color, and it does a very good job with monochrome documents, as well as a surprisingly good job of photos. Scanning is also quite good at 1200 x 1200 DPI resolution, and it can even save documents in PDF format, which is very handy. It also has a color touchscreen and the ability to control it via a mobile app, another great handy feature that means you don’t need to be tethered to a PC.

HP Envy Desktop – $450, was $550

The hp envy te01 pc in gray, without accessories.

Why buy

  • Excellent base specs
  • Plenty of room to upgrade and customize
  • Ability to add a GPU
  • Aesthetically pleasing

If you need a regular desktop PC without too many frills but with good build quality, this pre-built from HP is a great deal, not just because the base specs are pretty good, but because you have plenty of room to customize your build. For example, while the base processor that comes with the desktop is an 11th Gen Intel i3-10100, you can still upgrade it to an i5-10400 for $120, or even an i7-10700 for $320, which which is great if you do a lot of CPU-intensive work such as audio editing, streaming both as a viewer or as a streamer, or simulation and strategy games.

Also, since the desktop is primarily aimed at business users, the base spec doesn’t come with a GPU, but instead relies on the integrated Intel UHD graphics, which can get you away with casual games. On the other hand, if you do plan to game, you have six different upgrade options, starting with a GTX 1650 for $159, which is a low to mid-tier GPU for those who aren’t going to game often or play high-end games, to the RTX 3060 for $500. Either way, you have multiple GPU options depending on your gaming needs, which we appreciate with the business-oriented desktop pre-builts.

Base RAM is 8GB, which should be more than enough for more people, but it might be worth upgrading to 12GB for $40 for extra headroom or the 16GB option for $100 if you are an experienced user. There’s also a 32GB option for $240, but most people probably won’t need that much RAM unless they tend to open tons of apps and browser tabs simultaneously. Another upgrade worth getting is the best network card that gives you Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5, and it only costs $25 more. You might also consider upgrading your storage if you game a lot, especially since the base 256GB SSD might not be enough. There are plenty of upgrade options here, from upgrading primary storage up to 1TB SSD for $140, or adding secondary storage up to 2TB HDD for $74, though it mostly depends on your needs and what you think you are likely to use. .

HP Envy x360 Convertible Laptop – $640, was $740

An hp envy x360 convertible laptop is open.

Why buy

  • AMD Ryzen processor and GPU
  • Good upgrade options
  • Excellent sound thanks to the side speakers
  • Great value

If you’re not as keen on gaming and want a more mobile rig, this HP Envy x360 convertible laptop is a great option, especially since the base specs are pretty good. In fact, using a Ryzen 5 5500U not only makes the overall laptop cheaper, but also makes it a powerful enough laptop for productivity and editing work. You even have the option of upgrading to the Ryzen 7 5700U, a top-tier CPU that can rip pretty much anything you can throw it at, and it’ll only cost you an extra $120.

There’s no option for a discrete GPU, but the AMD Radeon graphics aren’t that bad, and you’ll be able to get by with casual gaming. The 15.6-inch display is nice too, using an IPS panel and being WLED-backlit; it’s also multitouch-enabled, so you can use it in that convertible style or as a tablet. It also comes with HP’s active tilting pen for a surprisingly enjoyable experience. That being said, we think it’s worth spending the extra $80 to get the version with 400 nits brightness, especially if you’re using it outdoors or with sunlight on the screen, because the base 250 nits won’t be ideal for this.

As for RAM, you get 8GB at base spec and can upgrade to 16GB for $80, though it’s probably not worth it unless you’re a power user. Storage is also pretty good with a base of 256GB and you’re unlikely to run into that limit, especially if you’re streaming your content. Of course, you can opt for the 512GB upgrade for $60 or the 1TB upgrade for $160, though the value of either will depend on your specific needs.

HP Envy Laptop – $700, was $940

Hp envy 17-inch laptop in silver.

Why buy

  • Small and portable design
  • Clean display
  • Good upgrade options
  • Backlit Keyboard

If you need something that can easily travel with you on the go, then this small HP Envy laptop is a great option. With a nice 13.3-inch FHD display, this laptop is quite small and light, likely to fit in most of the bags you already carry around without too much extra hassle. Although the base model is not touch sensitive, you box upgrade it to one that’s only $40 more, and for that price, it’s definitely worth it.

As for the processor and memory, the base spec comes with an 11th Gen Intel i5-1135G7 and 16GB of RAM, with the processor being a good mid-tier option and ideal for the majority of people, and the RAM is probably more than enough for most people. That being said, we like the first upgrade you can get for $110, which bumps the processor up to Intel’s 11th Gen i7-1165G7 but reduces the RAM to 8GB, which is a fair trade, especially if you tend to do a lot of CPU-intensive work. That being said, if you want those 16GB, you can go for the $150 upgrade, which adds both the better processor and the 16GB of RAM.

As for the GPU, there aren’t any discrete ones there, although you do get the Intel Iris XE graphics, which will get you by with casual games and maybe even games like League of Legends. Storage is also relatively good for most users, with a base 256GB, though you can get 512GB and 1TB for $70 or $190, respectively.

HP Envy Offers FAQ

When are the best HP Envy deals?

The best time of year to get an HP Envy bargain is likely to be Prime Day, which often has the best electronics deal of the year. Although we don’t yet know exactly when this will take place, we do know that Prime Day 2022 will take place in July, and if history is to be believed, it will likely take place around July 15 or so. You also need to keep an eye out for other retailers, not just Amazon, as they often try to pick up bargains to capitalize on the buying fervor that comes with Prime Day.

Besides Prime Day, another good time for electronics is Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. That being said, these two days of sales are usually overstock sales, so you don’t see a huge variety of products on digital shelves. Still, you’ll likely find an HP Envy deal, though that’s probably a gamble.

That’s why we usually suggest buying now if you can’t wait. Not only do we not know what offers are coming in the future, but it is also possible that they are worse than the current offers. Plus, you’ll miss weeks or even months of getting your new device, so if you find a deal you like and can afford, it’s worth grabbing it now rather than waiting.

How much should you spend on an HP Envy laptop?

HP Envy laptops tend to be relatively inexpensive, so spending over $1,500 is probably too much, especially since these laptops are aimed at more budget-conscious consumers. That being said, the HP Envy form factor is pretty awesome, and there’s no reason you can’t customize and upgrade your base model to something sleek if you need to, especially whether you want to include a good processor or lots of RAM.

Ultimately, how much you want to spend will heavily depend on your usage, although if you’re looking for something like a gaming laptop, it’s best to go for laptops made like this, like the ones on our list. best gaming laptop deals; they tend to be cheaper and have gaming-specific features you won’t find on non-gaming laptops.

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