There’s no game quite like a Devil May Cry game. The origins of this now legendary series that essentially created the character action, or spectacle fighter, genre are intrinsically tied to the Resident Evil series. The original Devil May Cry started off as one of many versions of Resident Evil 4, but was considered so different that it was allowed to become a brand new series. After a failed reboot from an outside developer, Capcom took the series back to its roots with the most lavish, deep, and complex game in the series.

And as amazing as Devil May Cry 5 is to play, especially with the upgrades brought to the enhanced edition, those who go deep into these games will eventually hit a wall that only modders can break down. Or, as is also very common, the more flagrant and irreverent style of the game invites those creative types to push the boundaries even further. Whichever camp you find yourself in, these are the best mods around to breathe new life into this stylish action game. Let’s rock!

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry

Co-op trainer

One of the weirder inclusions in the base Devil May Cry 5 game was the light co-op/ multiplayer component. This really just boiled down to select missions where you might see one of the other characters in an unreachable area fighting other enemies, and there was a chance they were being controlled by another player. It was a neat idea, but very limited and certainly didn’t add anything to the game. This mod brings co-op to the game in full force by not only letting you play as any character in any mission, but it adds co-op to nearly every mission and the Bloody Palace with up to four players. It even features automatic matchmaking so you can link up with people as you play.

SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Trainer

Cheats used to be a fun discovery to mess around with in games after you beat them. Unfortunately, they’ve mostly been taken out of games, forcing modders to do the work of letting players mess around with the game’s rules. This mod will unlock a ton of fun features such as a turbo mode, new Must Style, Bloody Palace stage select, Boss Rush, additional practice mode options, and more. This mod is a culmination of many modder’s efforts, hence the name Collaborative Cheat Trainer, and has been updated since 2019. Calling this mod simply a cheat enabler is kind of misleading since it also has so many other additions that can completely change the flow and style of the game. For a single package, this mod is hard to top in terms of content and the customization it adds to Devil May Cry 5.

Turbo Mode and Character Swapper

This is another cheat style mod, but this time focused on two specific functions: a new turbo mode and a character swapper, obviously. Turbo mode normally comes in the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 5 but for anyone who purchased the game on launch, this mod gives you access to this much faster-paced version. By cranking up the speed, Devil May Cry 5 becomes almost a new game since all your combo timings, dodge reactions, and enemy tells will have to be adjusted. Unlike the official version, though, the mod lets you set your speed value yourself. Character swapping simply lets you select any character you want to play as prior to loading up a mission.

Vergil Chair

The official description for this mod is “chair” — and that’s really all it needs to be. While many mods are born out of either a desire to fix something or add content to a game, even more are added just to meme on the game. Case in point, the Vergil Chair mod that does one thing and one thing only — swaps out Vergil’s chair with a cheap, trashy, white deck chair. This is one of the bigger memes that spawned after the game’s release, and it being such a simple swap, it was only a matter of time before someone officially modded it into the game. If you really want to take the wind out of Vergil’s sails by sitting him, including his Urizen form, in a flimsy white plastic chair, this mod has you covered.

Devil Bringer

When Nero was introduced as a new protagonist in Devil May Cry 4, his signature abilities that separated him from Dante were all centered around his Devil Bringer arm. After the events of that game, he lost this arm and replaced it with interchangeable prosthetics that all have their own unique abilities in Devil May Cry 5. While this is certainly a gameplay improvement, some out there still just like the look of that demonic arm better than the robotic ones. Just like the Vergil Chair mod, the Devil Bringer mod is purely cosmetic to give you the best of both worlds. You can play as Nero with his awesome glowing devil arm, but keep all the utility of his various prosthetics.

Style Switch Text Effects

This mod was inspired by a previous mod for Devil May Cry 4, and aims to give Devil May Cry 5 a bit more of that comic book movie flavor of having floating text appear on screen. Specifically, this mod brings up the text of whichever style you’re switching to with Dante in the classic Devil May Cry font. The creator didn’t just stop there, though, and even includes three different ways to use it: short, long and static short. The short version has the text pop out of Dante in the corresponding direction you press for that style and it vanishes in less than a second, while the long version always has the text rise upwards and lasts about twice as long. The newest addition, static short, is just like regular short, except the text just appears instead of flowing from Dante in a direction. It certainly feels like something Dante would conjure up if he was able.

Completely Replace V with Vergil

Somewhat like Nero before him, V in Devil May Cry 5 was met with a mixed reception — arguably being more divisive due to his very different playstyle focusing on summons rather than direct combat. If you’re more of a pure Vergil fan, this mod will completely scrub the entire Devil May Cry 5 game of any sign or mention of V, including loading screen and character portraits, and replace him with Vergil. This is just a very simple way to play as your favorite katana-wielding antihero instead of his poetry-reading counterpart. This is a full-featured Vergil as well, so this mod essentially just acts as a more focused character swap.

MGR R Raiden Nero

Fans of the genre know the history, but to sum it up in brief, the original creator of Devil May Cry left Capcom and founded PlatinumGames. He then went on to create Bayonetta, but the studio also made the incredible spinoff Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. That game has enjoyed almost equal levels of fan support, plus more memes than you can shake a stick at, so bringing the two together was as obvious as mixing peanut butter and jelly. This mod replaces the models of your three main characters, with Grey Fox replacing Dante, Jetstream Sam stepping for Vergil, and Raiden for Nero. You can toggle each one on and off, replace their weapons with their MGR counterparts, and they even have skin variants for when in Devil Trigger form.

Robeless Kylo Ren’s Costume and Lightsaber for V

Devil May Cry 5 came out very close to a certain sci-fi film franchise featuring a main character that V bore a striking resemblance to. Naturally, people weren’t about to just leave this little coincodence untouched, and a full-on Kylo Ren mod for V was in the works before you knew it. This mod not only gives V the robeless version of Kylo Ren’s Sith outfit from the films, but also replaces his cane with his unique cross-hilted lightsaber. The model used in the game was actually taken from Battlefront 2, and modified to fit Devil May Cry 5. Aside from looking awesome, the saber will turn off after executions for extra flourish. Just ignore the parts where V holds the blade portion of the saber.

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