If you’ve been scanning Black Friday deals for gaming laptops, you’ve definitely considered some of the MSI options. While many people know them more for their motherboards, they also sell complete gaming laptops and PCs. Having one of these pre-built is a good way to save money, as there are some great Black Friday gaming laptop deals available currently. We’ve picked out our favorites from MSI and then organized them based on whether they have an AMD or Intel processor. Make sure you compare these deals to other offers, like the Razer Black Friday deals and deals available at Best Buy Black Friday gaming laptop deals.

Best MSI Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals (AMD)

While AMD offers slightly better performance and power usage for the same price, there’s usually not a lot of variety in terms of what you can choose from. This shows in the deals we’re seeing for AMD-powered gaming laptops, as there aren’t a lot of them right now. That said, we’ll update these deals below as soon as we find them, so be sure to check back regularly if any of our options below don’t appeal to you.

  • MSI Bravo 15 — Ryzen 7 and RX6550M —

  • MSI Delta AMD Advantage Edition –

Best MSI Gaming Laptop Black Friday Deals (Intel)

When it comes to Intel processors, you’ll find a lot more options and deals, mostly because Intel is a more popular processor. We’ve collected most of the best deals we found below, although we’ll keep updating them as we find better deals.

  • MSI Thin GF63 with RTX 2050 —

  • MSI Stealth 14 with RTX 4060 –

  • MSI Stealth 14 with RTX 4050 –

  • MSI Raider GE68 with RTX 4070 —

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