Best 70-inch TV deals: Samsung, LG, Vizio, more from $450

While it’s not always the case, bigger tends to be better with certain things, and that’s definitely true when you’re building a home theater. You want to go with the biggest screens that you can afford for a more immersive experience. So, if you’re looking for the best TVs with a 70-inch screen — the sweet spot for home theater TV sizes — there’s a lot to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when it comes to landing one with the best discount, as well. A 70-inch TV can really make a splash at the center of a home theater as long as you have room for it, and if you’re uncertain you can check our guide on what size TV you should buy. But if you want to go big with your home theater setup, we’ve rounded up the best deals on 70-inch TVs currently available. Read onward for more details.


  • 70-inch Insignia Class F30 Series LED UHD Smart Fire TV – $450, was $600
  • 70-inch Philips PFL5656 4K TV — $498, was $588
  • 70-inch Hisense Class A6 Series LED 4K UHD Google TV — $520, was $530
  • 70-inch LG UQ7070 4K TV — $598, was $648
  • 70-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV — $538, was $895
  • 70-inch LG Class UQ75 Series LED 4K UHD Smart TV — $600, was $630
  • 70-inch Samsung Class CU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV – $630, was $650
  • 70-inch Samsung Q60B QLED 4K TV — $780, was $1,200
  • 70-inch Samsung Class Q60C QLED 4K Smart TV — $998 to $1,000, was $1,200

70-inch Insignia Class F30 Series LED UHD Smart Fire TV – $450, was $600

Insignia 70 Class F30 Series 4K UHD Fire Smart TV product image.

Powered by Amazon’s Fire TV smart streaming platform, and Alexa voice controls, this TV is ready to go right out of the box, provided you connect it to a local WiFi network. You can access millions of shows and movies, across a variety of streaming services. It’s a great TV to break in with some of the best movies on HBO Max, or with some of the best shows on Netflix. For audio and video features you get DTS Studio sound, HDMI ARC and eARC, Apple AirPlay compatibility, HDR, and of course, full 4K Ultra HD quality content (2160p resolution).

70-inch Philips PFL5656 4K TV — $498, was $588

of the year Philips TV

The 70-inch Philips PFL5656 4K TV offers a lot for its price point. It has Dolby Audio built in, which combines with the impressive picture quality to create the ultimate movie experience. Because it’s a Roku TV, it has easy access to your favorite streaming services, as well as a simple home screen that makes navigating all of the available content quick and easy. Its smarts also include fast and easy searches, which are so smart you can even search by title, actor, or director to see what content is available to watch. This TV is a perfect fit for any smart home, with features like Apple AirPlay built in and a free mobile app for iOS and Android available.

70-inch Hisense Class A6 Series LED 4K UHD Google TV — $520, was $530

Hisense Class A6 Series LED 4K UHD Google TV product image with bball.

Because it’s a Google TV, you can bring your screen together with all of your favorite apps, shows, and movies. For video and picture you get the 4K UHD LED panel with Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, Game Mode plus, Dolby Vision for games, a unique sports mode for faster action, and Google’s Chromecast built-in to sync content from your mobile devices and more. Bluetooth connectivity and the voice-enabled remote round out the features for added convenience and allow you to connect your home theater to a whole lot more than the average set.

70-inch LG UQ7070 4K TV — $598, was $648

LG UN7000 Series 5-Inch 4K Smart TV

This 70-inch LG UQ7070 4K TV puts all of your favorite entertainment on full display. It features an a5 AI Processor that’s able to any content to 4K resolution in real time, giving you a smooth, crisp viewing experience with enhanced contrast and color. It also has a game optimizer and dashboard that provides you with the best gaming experience by quickly adjusting all of your game settings in one location. All of the great conveniences of a Smart TV are part this LG 4K TV’s offerings, including streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ built right in. This LG 70-inch 4K TV utilizes webOS 22 to allow you to customize your viewing experience with separate accounts and personalized content recommendations for each account.

70-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV — $538, was $895

People watching football on a wall-mounted Vizio 50-inch Class V-Series Smart TV.

The 70-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV brings all sorts of great features o your home theater in addition to its stunning 4K picture quality. It features an IQ Active Processor, which delivers superior picture processing, and it also allows the TV to upscale all of your favorite HD content to spectacular 4K quality. This means you’ll be watching things in stunning 4K even if it was made prior to 4K becoming standard. It also features a gaming engine that makes modern gameplay more responsive with less lag and a high refresh rate, which are things that make this Vizio 4K TV something to consider for gamers and anyone who likes to watch fast-paced content such as sports and action movies.

70-inch LG Class UQ75 Series LED 4K UHD Smart TV — $600, was $630

LG Class UQ75 Series LED 4K UHD Smart webOS 22 TV product image.
LG Electronics

LG’s webOS doesn’t get enough credit in the streaming space. No, it’s not the best and most intuitive platform out there but it’s both capable and highly-functional, and comes with access to all of your favorite apps. Plus, you get access to over 300 LG channels for free streaming content at no additional cost. This 4K UHD LED set is powered by the a5 Gen 5 AI processor with 4K upscaling, and the TV itself supports a game optimizer and unique performance dashboard to fine-tune your home theater, gaming, and entertainment experiences.

70-inch Samsung Class CU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV – $630, was $650

Samsung Class CU7000 Crystal UHD 4K Tizen Smart TV product image

Okay, so at first glance, this discount isn’t massive, but it’s already a well-priced TV with some incredible technology built-in, and you’re not emptying your bank account to get it, either. It’s powered by the Samsung Crystal processor with 4K UHD upscaling for older content, and benefits from PurColor wide spectrum vivid color support, so the screen is vibrant and beautiful. Mega contrast, HDR, and exceptional brightness all help to enhance the onscreen picture even more. Plus, you get object tracking for audio, with Q-Symphony technology for immersive surround. The Samsung Smart TV Hub is built-in, via Tizen, to offer smart streaming right out of the box and extra features like being able to control your smart home devices from your TV.

70-inch Samsung Q60B QLED 4K TV — $780, was $1,200

As owners of any one of the best QLED TVs can attest, QLED technology produces one of the best 4K images available on the market right now. It utilizes dual LEDs and Quantum Dot color to create lifelike images, and an overall immersive home theater experience. The Samsung 70-inch Q60B QLED 4K TV does all of that and then some, as it’s even able to upscale older content into modern 4K clarity. It has a 60Hz refresh rate that gamers will love, as well as Smart TV capabilities and compatibility with multiple voice assistants. It even comes with a SolarCell remote, which allows you to control all of your compatible connected devices, and recharges via solar power, ensuring you’ll never be without life in your remote.

70-inch Samsung Class Q60C QLED 4K Smart TV — $998 to $1,000, was $1,200

Samsung Class Q60C QLED 4K smart TV product image

Quantum dot or QLED technology delivers 100% color volume with incredible sharpness and contrast thanks to the increased pixel count and picture density. Dual LED backlights provide incredible adaptability and brightness for varying scenes in movies and shows. You also benefit from Samsung’s Motion Xcelerator for smooth motion even during intense moments, Q-Symphony 3.0 amped up audio, and the Quantum processor Lite with 4K upscaling for standard and HD quality content. The Tizen smart streaming platform is built-in with access to your most used streaming services and apps.

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