Berlin on Netflix: what if Camille was in fact Tatiana in La Casa de Papel?

In the series derived from La Casa de Papel, Camille is Berlin’s new suitor. But she could have a connection with another character from the original series. Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. The following paragraphs reveal spoilers for the Berlin series. If you don’t want to know what it contains, don’t read what follows.

After the immense success of La Casa de Papel on Netflix, including parts 3 to 5 exceeded 500 million hours viewedits creator Alex Pina decided to extend the franchise with a spin-off centered on Berlin (Pedro Alonso).

This prequel to La Casa de Papel, tells the story of the heist of the century carried out by Andrés de Fonollosa alias Berlin and his gang made up of Keila (Michelle Jenner), Damián (Tristán Ulloa), Cameron (Begoña Vargas), Roi (Julio Peña) and Bruce (Joel Sanchez).

Together, they steal a slew of royal jewels from all over Europe worth 44 million euros and stored in the Maison des Enchères Chez Vienot in Paris. Despite a meticulous plan, the gang suffers some disappointments, notably when Berlin chooses to fall in love with Camille (Samantha Siqueiros), the wife of François Polignac (Julien Paschal), the sales director of the Maison des Enchères.

This adulterous romance will create many problems, not only for Berlin, but also for the rest of the gang, hunted by police officers Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) and Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), who is investigating their successful theft.

Fortunately for Berlin, all’s well that ends well. He escaped the police and lives in hiding in Madrid. Unfortunately, he is fleeced by Camille, who came to find him five months after the heist to try to blackmail him. Berlin being smarter, he does not give in but still agrees to give him his loot.

And he even leaves her a little message in the bag full of tickets: “See you on June 23 at the Blue Moon Bar in Singapore. I love you”. Which means that Berlin will surely find Camille later. But what does this mean for the future of Berlin?

What if Camille was Tatiana in La Casa de Papel?

We know that Berlin had many women in his life. We also see it at the very beginning of the Berlin series, he is already separating from his third wife. And it is with Camille that he experiences a passionate romance in this prequel. But in La Casa de Papel, particularly in the flashbacks of part 3, we discover a relationship with a certain Tatiana (Diana Gómez).

In episode 6 of La Casa de Papel, which takes place five years before the Bank of Spain heist, Berlin introduces Tatiana to Sergio, the Professor (Álvaro Morte). She explains to him that she is a concert pianist, but that she is also a thief.

She confirms that she is as good at the piano as she is at jewelry. Berlin adds that she loves the idea of ​​the Bank of Spain Robbery, and that the plan is even better than the one to rob the Mint Factory. And he confirms that he opened safes with her all over Europe.

But we never knew where Tatiana came from in La Casa de Papel. Some fans thought it was actually Alicia Sierra, but that theory quickly fell by the wayside. Moreover, Tatiana quickly moved on after Berlin’s death since she became closer to Rafael (Patrick Criado), Berlin’s son who we discover in part 5.

Berlin on Netflix

So can we make a link between Tatiana and Camille? The resemblance between the two actresses, Diana Gómez and Samantha Siqueiros, is quite uncanny. We can imagine that Camille decided to honor the meeting with Berlin in Singapore, that she changed her identity to be called Tatiana and that she chose the life of a burglar with Berlin.

Actress Diana Gómez is taken by another Netflix series called Valeria, she may not have been available to star in Berlin. Or the team totally took on the responsibility of taking another actress to play a younger version of Camille/Tatiana.

Besides the physical resemblance, Tatiana and Camille are both musicians. In the Berlin series, Camille listens to a lot of vinyl, plays guitar and performs in a small bar near her home.

However, there is only one downside to this theory. According to The Professor, Tatiana is the fifth and last woman in Berlin. And we discover Berlin’s third woman at the start of the sequel. Which would therefore mean that Camille is his potential fourth wife, she cannot therefore be his fifth wife and therefore Tatiana.

The series Berlin should be renewed for a second season and we should know more about Camille in order to know more about her and what she has become. But it seems unlikely that Camille and Tatiana are the same person, even if anything is possible in the universe of La Casa de Papel.

The series La Casa de Papel and Berlin are available on Netflix.

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