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With the approach of Christmas, Benshi satisfies its subscribers with the arrival of luminous novelties, such as Le Chat du Rabbi, The Gold Rush or Le Noël de Komaneko. A catalog to quickly discover thanks to unmissable offers on gift cards!


Purchase of Christmas trees, chocolates which invade the shelves…: there is no doubt, Christmas is everywhere, and especially on Benshi! Anxious to make the happiness of young and old spectators, the streaming platform deploys a garland of gifts with nice promo codes on gift cards.

Cards that will allow your loved ones to discover Benshi’s beautiful programming, with unlimited access to more than 200 films, ranging from Kirikou to Charlie Chaplin, including Ma vie de Courgette or Ernest and Célestine.

Until December 13, benefit from a 10% reduction on 6-month cards and free shipping thanks to the code ALLOCINE6M. Promo code ALLOCIN1A will offer you 10% on 1-year cards, and always free shipping. The opportunity therefore to (re) discover the Benshi catalog and all its novelties.


Komaneko Christmas – from 3 years old

Presented out of competition at the 2010 Annecy Festival, Le Noël de Komaneko is an adorable full-length animated film with puppets. Straight from Japan and directed by Tsuneo Goda, this 20-minute short film reveals the story of Koma who lives with his grandfather.

As Christmas approaches, she receives a gift from her parents along with a letter saying that they will not be able to be with her for the holidays. Koma is very sad upon hearing this news. Fortunately, his friend Radi-bo may have an idea …

Benshi’s opinion:The Christmas of Komaneko tackles with great modesty the question of mourning, the absence of parents. Koma is a very expressive puppet who, without even speaking, conveys a lot of emotion.

She is satisfied with adorable onomatopoeias that the children will take up in chorus. Koma can remind children of their soft toy. We want to take her in his arms to comfort her. Very touching, this story ends well as Koma ends up being healed of her pain.

Le Chat du Rabbi – from 9 years old

Adapted from the eponymous comic book by Joann Sfar, Le Chat du Rabbin takes up albums 1, 2 and 5 and combines traditional 2D animation with 3D relief. Awarded the Cristal for feature film at the 2011 Annecy festival, the feature film has as its hero the cat of a rabbi from Algiers who suddenly acquires speech after swallowing a parrot.

Carried by the voices of François Morel in the role of the cat, but also of Hafsia Herzi, François Damiens, Eric Elmosnino, Fellag or even Mathieu Amalric, Le Chat du Rabbin allows Joann Sfar to “cross all of Africa to take over the route of the colonial imagination and recount the universality of human stupidity. ”

Benshi’s opinion:A real treat for album lovers and a great discovery in prospect for neophytes! Through this philosophical tale, he takes us on a journey that is both cultural and temporal, by plunging us into the Algeria of the 1920s, to better talk to us about religions and spirituality.

The atmosphere of Algiers is wonderfully rendered thanks to a palette of shimmering colors and haunting music. And what about the casting (…) This feature film is quite simply a humanist film, with an invigorating speech and full of positivity!

This work will undoubtedly be able to provoke many discussions with the young spectators, thus making it possible to make them talk about the world in which they live and where they also have their role to play …


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Azur and Asmar
Ernest and Celestine the series
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