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In April, Benshi doesn’t do things by halves as a promo code reduces the price of the monthly subscription to € 1.99! The opportunity to discover all the pretty novelties in the catalog. Focus on the news of the children’s platform.


Films that mark childhood”: This is Benshi’s mantra. Launched in 2017, the streaming platform introduces the youngest to the love of cinema with a program specially designed for children and recommendations by age. And if this service makes the happiness of young and old, it is thanks to its very varied catalog, between great classics and little-known nuggets, and to its editorialized selections and commented by experts.

In this month of April, Benshi is giving you a gift that will appeal to everyone. With the promo code ALLOCINE21, you can subscribe at the price of € 1.99 / month for 3 months instead of € 4.99 / month! The opportunity to immerse yourself in the remarkable catalog of the platform and to discover all its new content, like Jean-Michel the woodland caribou or Jean de la Lune.



Adapted from Magali Le Huche’s albums, Jean-Michel the Woodland Caribou tells the story of this superhero unlike any other and who can brave all dangers thanks to his powers. But what he hadn’t imagined was that a power was much stronger than all the others… that of love! It is by meeting the pretty camel Gisèle that he will realize it, and thus have to overcome his most formidable enemy: his shyness.

Benshi’s opinion:The film tackles with a lot of humor the question of the first emotions of love, but especially the questions of handicap and communication. The dialogues play on pronunciation and language, and will amuse young spectators with their gags, while leading them to a very serious subject, and with the greatest respect. A nice lesson to share with the family!

JEAN DE LA LUNE – from 6 years old

Directed by Stephan Schesch and released in 2012, Jean de la Lune is a Franco-German-Irish animated film based on the 1966 youth album Der Mondmann, by Tomi Ungerer. Alone on the Moon, Jean wishes to visit the Earth and thus clings to a comet to finally land there. Taken for an invader by the President of the World who is chasing him, he will fortunately be able to count on his new friends he met during his journey. An incredible adventure, illuminated by remarkable graphics.

Benshi’s opinion:Several levels of reading are available to us: children will remain dreamers and will gladly let themselves be carried away by the ambient poetry of Jean de la Lune’s journey, when the older ones will see a more political dimension in it, as well as many winks. eye – note the moonwalk by Jean de la lune – (…) A very successful adaptation, after the already remarkable film Les Trois Brigands, released in 2007.


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Wallace and Gromit
Ernest and Celestine
Azur and Asmar
The Song of the Sea

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