Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure on 6ter: what do we know about the 3rd film?

Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure airs on 6ter. A third part has been in preparation for 13 years. Where is he at? Will we see Benjamin Gates 3 in the cinema one day?

In 2004, Nicolas Cage slipped into the shoes of the adventurer and archaeologist Benjamin Gates. In Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure, the hero is on the trail of the famous Templar Treasure. To achieve his ends he will have to steal the United States Declaration of Independence, the best-kept document in the world. Helped by his friend Riley (Justin Bartha) and Dr Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), the adventurer will embark on a great treasure hunt.

In the Indiana Jones vein, the feature film is directed by Jon Turteltaub and has totaled $ 347.5 million in international box office revenue for an estimated budget of $ 100 million. Four years later, the whole team returned with the sequel titled Benjamin Gates and the Book of Secrets. This second opus brought in 459 million dollars internationally.


In February 2008, the producer Jerry Bruckheimer announced a third and a fourth films, rumors then evoke the exploration of the legendary city of Atlantis. In 2011, Jon Turteltaub reveals that the screenplay is almost finished and that the shootings must begin in 2012. But 9 years later, still no Benjamin Gates 3 … What about?

Benjamin Gates and the Templar Treasure on 6ter what do

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Since 2008 the career of Nicolas Cage has faltered, the actor has a series of commercial failures: the biggest being Ghost rider who displeases fans and film professionals to the utmost. A decade of easily forgettable films followed. In an interview with Le Monde in 2013, the actor himself describes these films as “shits“:“Do you remember Bangkok Dangerous? The Last of the Templars? Hell Driver 3D? The Pact? Break-in? Of course not! Who’s going to remember such shit?“Nicolas Cage did not suddenly become” aware “of his hazardous career choices and does not excuse them. But, driven by a spending madness, an intimate instability and an acute collection, he did not cease to chain films to ensure an inordinate lifestyle.

These consecutive failures and the tarnished image of the actor no longer inspire confidence in the studios which are now reluctant to give him the main role of a blockbuster. Yet in January 2020, screenwriter Chris Bremner – who recently signed Bad Boys For Life – revealed he was working on the Benjamin Gates 3 script for Disney.

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“We’re working on Benjamin Gates for streaming and for the big screen.”

A few months later, Jerry Bruckheimer announces to Collider that in addition to a feature film, a series is also in development for Disney +. “We’re working on Benjamin Gates for streaming and for the big screen. We hope that these projects will both see the light of day. The one for Disney + will have the same concept with a much younger cast and the one for the cinema will have the same cast.“The producer adds:”The film version is in writing as we speak (editor’s note: in May 2020 therefore). The TV version is in development. We have the pilot script and a plot for future episodes. “

Benjamin Gates 3 should therefore return to the cinema and allow Nicolas Cage to return to the front of the stage. But the Covid-19 pandemic could once again put a stop to the project since the Hollywood industry seems more and more inclined to make films for streaming platforms rather than for the big screen. It would therefore not be surprising if Disney decided to focus on the series with a whole new cast rather than producing an expensive film with an actor much less “profitable” than 13 years ago …