Behind L'Etoffe des Heroes on Disney +: a documentary to complete the series

Behind L’Etoffe des Heroes on Disney +: a documentary to complete the series

Disney + has uploaded “Behind The Cloth of Heroes”, a documentary telling the story of the “Mercury Seven”, the first American astronauts. A good complement to the series “The Stuff of Heroes”, already available on the platform.

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Behind the fabric of the Heroes tells the astonishing true story of America’s first astronauts, the ‘Mercury 7’, and draws on hundreds of hours of official archives – shows, films, radio clips, interviews – and rare or never-before-seen personal archives broadcast to catapult viewers in the late 1950s. The 1.5-hour National Geographic documentary accompanies the Disney + Original series The Cloth of Heroes.


The real life of the 7 Mercury

For several weeks now, the Disney + platform has been hosting the L’Etoffe des heroes series, which tells the story of the “Mercury Seven”, seven astronauts selected to participate in the first American space program, intended to send human beings into space. The first season focuses on the first shipment of an American into space, who turns out to be Alan Shepard. If you want to learn more about the history of the other members of the Mercury Seven, most of whom will participate in space flights, the documentary Behind The Stuff of Heroes is for you.

Tom Jennings’ documentary is based on previously unseen footage from John Glenn’s personal archives and features exclusive, never-released photos from the magazine LIFE like National Geographic, the channel that produced the documentary. There are also colorized and visually magnificent archives, almost giving the impression that the events related do not date from 1958-1963. The film also gives voice to the women of the astronauts, pointing to the fact that the media like LIFE have followed the daily lives of these families for several years, leaving little room for private life (the beginnings of reality TV).

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The real John Glenn (played by Patrick J. Adams in the series and Ed Harris in the 1983 film)

We also discover the multiple space voyages of the Mercury Seven (five of them are covered by the film, including three in detail), which the series has not yet addressed. Jennings also emphasizes the political pressure that weighed on this service: President Kennedy is following this very closely, Vice President Lyndon Johnson is placed at the head of the space program and we must catch up with the Soviets, who have a lead. considerable. Astronauts were therefore pioneers of science who took risks on a daily basis (Gus Grissom, one of the 7, died during an exercise) sometimes narrowly escaping their space journeys, they were also people watched on whom rested the expectations of an entire country and even part of the world.

In short, Behind The Cloth of Heroes is aptly named. Without trying to be exhaustive, the film completes the series already available on the platform by going further and shedding new light on these events, by presenting the real faces of the Mercury Seven in a serious and modern way. A great way to learn.

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