Before Peninsula and Last Train to Busan, discover Seoul Station, the first film in this zombie trilogy

In theaters since Wednesday, “Peninsula” is the sequel to “Last Train to Busan”. But do you know the animated film “Seoul Station”, the first opus of the trilogy?

Building on the success of Last Train to Busan in 2016, Korean director Sang-Ho Yeon returns four years later with a new zombie film, Peninsula. This time, no more in camera and welcome to a post-apocalyptic world in ruins. This time we follow a group of soldiers who discovers that uncontaminated survivors have gathered in a much more dangerous band than the zombies …

“I wanted to imagine what Korea would look like after Last Train to Busan and what kinds of situations might arise. I thought there were enough different stories to tell in order to expand the universe of the film ” explains the filmmaker. If Last Train for Busan is no longer to present, its prequel, Seoul Station, remains unknown to the general public. And for good reason: it has never been to the cinema in France. Thus, Peninsula does not form with Last Train to Busan a diptych but is in reality the last part of a trilogy devoted to zombies.

Before peninsula and last train to busan, discover seoul station, the first film in this zombie trilogy

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Produced the same year as Last Train to Busan, Seoul Station is an animated film that focuses on three destinies: those of a runaway girl turned prostitute, of her father, a harsh man who sets out to find her, and her boyfriend, an unscrupulous loser. Along with their wandering in Seoul, zombies invade the city. In the tradition of The King of Pigs and The Fake, the two previous feature films by Sang-Ho Yeon, also animated, Seoul Station turns out to be a sticky and dark film, less playful and spectacular than Last Train to Busan. Strongly marked by its social context, the film features characters left behind and marginalized forgotten by Korean society.

Like Peninsula, Seoul Station is set during a zombie outbreak but follows different characters than in Last Train to Busan. Each shutter can thus be sufficient on its own. If Sang-Ho Yeon’s first three productions have long remained confidential, the release of Peninsula is an opportunity to give them a spotlight: The Fake is available on DVD at Spectrum Films and Seoul Station is visible as a bonus on the Blu -ray of Last Train to Busan. As for The King Of Pigs, it will be released in theaters on November 4th.

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