Before Matrix 4: what was happening in episodes 2 and 3?

A few days before the release of “Matrix Resurrections” on our screens, do you have in mind what was happening in “Reloaded” and “Revolutions”? If not, follow the white rabbit. Or the guide.

Before matrix 4: what was happening in episodes 2 and 3?
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No need to wait for the release to get to the bottom of it: it was quickly confirmed that Matrix Resurrections would indeed be a sequel, and not a reboot of the saga launched by Lana and Lilly Wachowski in 1999. It is also highly recommended. to (re) see the first episode, which it regularly echoes, but better to have Reloaded and Revolutions in mind as well.

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to catch up with them but you still plan to go see Matrix Resurrections when it is released, we recap the previous episodes, released in 2003. And visible on Netflix, if you change your mind.


Thomas Anderson therefore became Neo. The chosen one. The one who will free humans from the yoke of machines, as 25,000 sentries make their way to Zion, humanity’s last free bastion in the real world, with the firm intention of annihilating them. Tormented by recurring dreams in which Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) dies, the hero played by Keanu Reeves patiently waits for the Oracle to appear, in order to show him the path to follow.

When the meeting is finally scheduled, the Oracle announces to Neo that he must reach the Source of the Matrix to succeed in saving his family. And that only the Master of the Keys (Randall Duk Kim), detained by a dangerous information traffic program called the Merovingian (Lambert Wilson), will be able to lead him there thanks to secret doors. It was then that Smith (Hugo Weaving) remembered him fondly.

Defeated by Neo at the end of the first Matrix, the latter turned into a renegade program when he refused his elimination. Even if he kept the costume (but not the headset), he is no longer one of those agents the Chosen One manages to beat with a hand behind his back, but is more like a virus in the way it spreads and multiplies. Freed by his defeat, which may seem paradoxical at first glance, he manages to gather a hundred of his clones that the hero fights first before fleeing.

A semi-failure which weakens a little more the position of Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) in Zion, of which several of the leaders question his faith in Neo. As the counterattack against the machines prepares, the two return to the Matrix with Trinity to meet the famous Merovingian, his French accent and his very pronounced taste for hexagonal curses.

Betrayed by his wife Persephone (Monica Bellucci), tired of his repeated infidelities, he cannot hold back the Master of the Keys. Whether in his castle or on a highway, the scene of a formidable chase that still counts among the most insane action scenes of the 2000s.

In order to allow Neo to access the Source of the Matrix, hidden within a trapped tower, a plan is put in place. It notably involves Morpheus and his ex-girlfriend Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith), as well as the explosion of a power plant that must allow the heroes to reach their destination.

Still worried about his recurring dream, the Chosen One asks Trinity to stay out of the Matrix. But the death of several members of the mission forced her to connect to help. And what should happen when she crosses several agents.

Before matrix 4: what was happening in episodes 2 and 3?
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During this time, and thanks to the sacrifice of the Master of the Keys, Neo discovers the Source of the Matrix where its creator: the Architect (Helmut Bakaitis) sits. A program that presents itself as the father of simulation and describes the Oracle as the mother, and challenges our certainties along with those of the hero. Because the latter is not the Chosen One but an Chosen One. The sixth in the History of the Matrix, which has seen several reboots resulting in as many destructions of Zion in the past.

Like his predecessors, Neo is therefore a systemic anomaly, faced with a much more complicated choice than the story of blue and red Matrix pills, the first of the name: either he agrees to participate in the new reboot of the Matrix and chooses the survivors who will repopulate Zion, like those before him. Either he lets it stop, because in the grip of a fatal error, but is responsible for the death of all humans, connected or not.

Seeing that his nightmare is about to come true, thanks to the screens all around him, Neo renounces the salvation of humanity in favor of that of Trinity, whom he manages to save and heal, she who had been seriously injured. by a bullet. But he signed the death warrant for Zion who only has 24 hours of existence left, even if he finds himself capable of shutting down machines in the real world at the cost of too intense an effort, which plunges into a deep coma.

We then find him alongside the only survivor of a mission intended to slow down the advance of the machines which turned into a massacre: Bane (Ian Bliss), infected by Smith in the Matrix before his return to the real world. The wolf is therefore in the fold, the Sentinels at the gates of Zion and the unconscious savior of humanity.


Neo is not really in a coma, but lost in an intermediate loop-shaped world, located between that of humans and the Matrix. The key to saving him is on the side of the Merovingian whose Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph (Collin Chou), bodyguard of the Oracle, invest the nightclub, armed to the teeth. As the Chosen One’s mate proves herself ready for anything (and even for everyone to die), Matrix Revolutions reminds us, via Persephone, that the saga is above all a love story.

Hence this beautiful reunion between the two main characters, which acts as a calm before the storm. For attempts to slow down the machines have failed, and Zion is preparing more than ever for the final assault. However, Neo decides to return to the Oracle one last time, having learned that it was really just a control program, which called into question the notion of free will he thought he had.

Before matrix 4: what was happening in episodes 2 and 3?
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Following the death of its interpreter Gloria Foster between the shootings of Reloaded and Revolutions, which took place in quick succession, the Oracle is now interpreted by Mary Alice, and the script explains her change of face by an alteration of her code, punishment for helping humans. However, she makes Neo understand that the real Source of the Matrix is ​​in the city of machines, within the real world, and that this is her only hope to save his own.

But that’s not all. Because Smith, who presents himself more and more as the hero’s double negative, is the other key to the end of the war. And he wins an important round when he finally manages to flush out the Oracle and absorb it, thus becoming able to predict whatever will happen in the Matrix.

Back in the real world, Neo asks to borrow a ship with Trinity, to go to the city of machines, while Niobe and Morpheus make their way to Zion with an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) capable of changing the outcome of the battle. which begins to rage. Installed in giant robots armed with milltrailleuses, while small mobile teams sneak around with bazookas, humans see their defenses crumble far too quickly.

Worse: the Sentinels prevent opening the huge door through which the Hammer must rush in, with Niobe, Morpheus and the IEM on board. They finally achieve it thanks to the Kid (Clayton Watson). But they only stopped the first wave of the attack, and their salvation now depends on Neo and Trinity, en route to the Machine City aboard the Logos after facing a tall order.

Also out of his coma, Bane confronts Neo and reveals his true identity to him before managing to blind him by burning his eyes with an electric cable. However, it takes more for the hero to stop seeing (or feeling) his opponent, whom he manages to get rid of. Arrived in the City of Machines, his powers help him break through the defenses that stand in their way, but their ship crashes and Trinity does not survive the crash.

It is therefore a man who has nothing more to lose who comes face to face with the Deus Ex Machina, leader of the machines, to whom he proposes to eliminate Smith, who has become their common enemy, in exchange for peace with humans. While the Sentinels present in Zion go on stand-by, Neo returns to the Matrix of which the ex-chief agent is now the only entity.

Having seen his future victory thanks to the powers of the Oracle, Smith has multiplied to infinity but faces Neo one-on-one, the time of a fight in the rain. Dantesque, violent and even aerial, the latter allows Matrix Revolutions to be, even today, considered as the best live adaptation of Dragon Ball Z. Despite his will, the hero does not manage to defeat his nemesis and resolves to ultimate sacrifice by allowing himself to be absorbed too.

Connected to machines, it gives them access to Smith, whose triumph is short-lived. The latter is removed along with all of his clones, and the Matrix regenerates as the humans celebrate their victory over Zion, and Neo’s body is taken to Machine City.

In the new Matrix, a colorful sunrise drawn by little Sati (Tanveer K. Atwal) in honor of Neo heralds the dawn of a new era, as the Architect and the Oracle reunite . In the absence of total peace, there is talk of a truce between machines and humans, who can leave the simulation and join Zion if they wish. But a trace of a new Chosen One.

“Will we see him again?”, Sati asks about Neo. “I have a feeling”, answers the Oracle, who then confesses to have had faith in him. “One day…”. And that day will therefore be December 22 in French theaters, when Matrix Resurrections will be released, with its symbolic title. Now you have to wait a bit before finding out how Trinity and the hero will make their return.

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