Before Jackie Chan, there was Buster Keaton: 5 incredible scenes from the greatest stuntman of all time

This October 4, 2020 marks the 125th anniversary of silent movie icon Buster Keaton. On this occasion, we take a look back at five of his most memorable stunts during which he risked his life.

He was nicknamed “Buster” – daredevil in French – for his hothead temperament. Silent cinema icon, Buster Keaton remains, to this day, one of the greatest stuntmen in history. Long before Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jackie Chan, or even Tom Cruise, he carried out, at the risk of his life, many exploits for the happiness of the spectators. This October 4, 2020 marks the actor’s 125th birthday. To celebrate the event, AlloCine returns, in video, on five of his most impressive stunts.

Known for his straight face, even when a house falls on his head, Buster Keaton has often avoided the worst, especially when shooting movies like Fridge at the Electric Hotel, Sherlock Junior, or his great classic The Mechanic of the General.

Died in 1966 from lung cancer, at the age of seventy, the artist has never left the memories of film enthusiasts. In recent years, some of its cult works have even been featured on several occasions on the big screen. In 1960, Buster Keaton received an Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.

Texts: Thomas Desroches and Arthur Tourneret

Editing: Arthur Tourneret

(Re) discover the trailer for the film “Le Mécano de la Générale”:

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