Before Aline, 5 times Celine Dion was invited musically in scenes at the cinema – cinema news

Before Aline, 5 times Celine Dion was invited musically in scenes at the cinema – cinema news

His voice has echoed many times in cinemas. Celine Dion is also featured on original soundtracks – or almost – in some scenes. While waiting for “Aline” by Valérie Lemercier, back to 5 “Dionesque” sequences.


From blockbusters, from Titanic to Deadpool 2, to romantic comedies, like White Nights in Seattle or Personal and Confidential, Celine Dion’s voice has often been linked to cinema. She is not the only one, many artists have also lent their talents to the services of the soundtracks, but few, on the other hand, received two Oscars for Best Original Song. This is the case of the Quebec diva for the theme title of Beauty and the Beast in 1992 and for my heart Will Go On from the movie Titanic six years later, in 1998.

While the release of Aline, Valérie Lemercier’s sixth film, in which she plays the singer – with a few details – has been postponed due to the pandemic, AlloCine returns to a handful of film sequences punctuated by the artist. What to wait in music.

Mommy (2014)

It is one of Mommy’s strongest scene and music, and one that you immediately think of when you recall the film: like a parenthesis, a breath in a very emotional film, the three main protagonists of the film, embodied by Anne Dorval, Antoine-Olivier Pilon and Suzanne Clément begin to sing and dance in a kitchen. We know the capital importance that Xavier Dolan gives to music, enjoying mixing popular songs with little-known nuggets. Here it is therefore a tube, We do not change, leading inevitably, for an unforgettable scene, that some even consider as their favorite scene in the cinema …

Laurence Anyways (2012)

Still at Xavier Dolan. Four years before the phenomenon Mommy, the filmmaker had already introduced a hit by his favorite singer in his third feature film, Laurence Anyways, with Melvil Poupaud and Suzanne Clément. Here, unlike the film cited above, the title is not in the heart of the stage, but rather used in the background in a bar. This is the single For you to love me again, a real success in 1995, whose lyrics resonate particularly with the passionate and heartbreaking relationship between the two characters in the film.

Oasis, Moby, Céline Dion …: the power of music in Xavier Dolan’s films

On the Trail of Marsupilami (2012)

In 2012, Alain Chabat seized the famous Marsupilami for a cartoony comedy, rich in surprises. And among them, a totally delusional sequence during which General Pochero (Lambert Wilson), dictator of Palombia, will unleash on Celine Dion in order to divert the attention of his own men to save the eggs of Marsupilami. Wearing a golden dress of the most beautiful effect and a long blonde wig, Wilson launches on the classic I’m alive and leads her entire army in a passionate choreography … One surprise that can hide another, the real Celine Dion does indeed make a furtive appearance in the end credits!

DNA (2020)

Change of register with ADN, Maïwenn’s last film, released on October 28, 2020. In this drama about the quest for origins, the director retraces the journey of Neige – a character she plays herself -, who tries to find her way. rebuild and detach from his toxic mother after the death of his grandfather. During the funeral scene, a key moment in history, the hit talk to my father – very evocative title – is played at the request of Françoise, the aunt, played by Caroline Chaniolleau. The latter bursts into tears and sings the lyrics by heart, which causes laughter from other family members and from spectators. A scene as touching as it is fun.

Aline (2020)

Celine Dion … or rather Aline Dieu. In her sixth film, director, screenwriter and actress Valérie Lemercier transforms into the singer from Quebec to pay tribute to her. The names are changed, a few situations are invented, but a large part of the story respects, down to the last detail, the true destiny of the artist. From Quebec to Las Vegas, the actress gives herself to heart of joy to interpret the star, even to the point of using some authentic costumes lent by his entourage. Aline has many iconic Celine Dion titles, all reinterpreted for the occasion by Victoria Sio.

Bonus: No, that’s not Celine Dion’s voice in Bridget Jones (2001)

We remember that Celine Dion sang the tube All By Myself, cover of the cult song by Eric Carmen, released in 1975. But contrary to what one might think, it is not his version that we can hear in the famous opening scene of the first part of the Bridget Jones Diary. Remember the heroine, confined to her home, in pajamas, in front of her TV, singing her loneliness. Now you will know that this voice is that of … Jamie O’Neal.

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