Beats Studio Pro headphones temporarily price slashed from $…

Beats Studio Pro headphones temporarily price slashed from $…
Beats Studio Pro, folded in front of the case.
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Headphone deals are looking great at Amazon right now, including a massive $150 discount on the Beats Studio Pro. Released just a few months ago, the Beats Studio Pro looks great and sounds great too. If you want some extremely stylish cans for less, keep reading while we tell you what else they offer for the price.

Why should you buy Beats Studio Pro?

When we reviewed the Beats Studio Pro earlier this year we were impressed by the Beats Studio Pro’s extremely sleek design. With a comfortable and secure fit, they deliver clear and balanced sound with lossless USB audio as an option. Through Beats’ custom acoustic platform, you get rich and deep sound with a choice of two different listening modes. It includes a Transparency mode as well as a fully adaptive active noise cancellation mode for when you want to hear the environment around you. Lossless Audio also offers three different built-in sound profiles to help you make things sound exactly how you like them.

It also has personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking so you feel like you’re in the center of what you’re hearing. It’s nice and intense, helps you feel like you’re really there. Whenever you need to take a call, your voice will also come out clear thanks to the voice-targeting mic, which accurately filters out background noise for clear and crisp call performance. These are definitely some of the best noise-canceling headphones for many people.

While the Beats Studio Pro lacks Bluetooth multipoint support, high-resolution codecs, and even wear sensors, you’ll still appreciate the basic experience. Comfortable, lightweight, and oh so sleek it’s hard to dislike them, especially during a sale. Battery life of up to 40 hours makes them the perfect workhorse to help keep you entertained on your commute all week long. There’s also Siri support if you’re connecting these headphones to an iPhone or other Apple device.

Beats Studio Pro headphones typically cost $350. Right now you can pay just $200 for a pair of these stylish headphones. The deal is on Amazon, and it’s a great way to save a whopping 43% off the regular price. Check them out now by hitting the buy button below before the deal ends.


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