The reasons for the departure of Ruby Rose, the main actress, from the series “Batwoman”, which were previously the subject of rumors, have been confirmed.

Bettina Strauss / The CW

Ruby Rose’s surprise departure of Batwoman after only one season has been the subject of many rumors. At first, many thought it was linked to the emergency surgery she underwent for two herniated discs, but a close source told Variety that the actress’s decision “had nothing to do with his health or his injury”.

If we are to believe TV Line, “it was not 100% his decision”. “It was a break. She wasn’t happy working on the show,then everyone decided it would be better for the show and for everyone if they separated “, revealed someone close to the series. This sudden departure would therefore result from a bad understanding between the actress and the production. Australian actress, who had just chained John Wick 2 and from Troubled Waters, was struggling to take in the long hours of filming required as a show star, which resulted in friction on set. Also according to a close source, the actress has not acclimatized to life in Vancouver either. Last October, Ruby Rose spoke about the mental health problems she had experienced in the past: “I have struggled with mental health issues my entire life.”

Representatives from Ruby Rose, Warner Bros. and The CW declined to comment on the new information. In the press release announcing his departure, the studio, the network and Berlanti Productions said they would seek “a new main actress member of the LGBTQ community in the coming months”. Batwoman, who tells the adventures of Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s lesbian cousin who puts on Batwoman’s costume to protect Gotham City, was renewed for a second season last January.

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