Batwoman: Poison Ivy arrives in season 3

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Poison Ivy, mythical enemy of the Batman universe, will confront Batwoman in season 3. It is the American actress Bridget Catherine Regan who will play her.

The CW

A major enemy of Batman arrives in Batwoman. Bridget Regan has been cast as the poisonous Poison Ivy in The CW series. Bridget Regan shouldn’t be out of place since she is known for her role as villainous Dottie Underwood in Agent Carter. We could also see her in Jane the Virgin and White Collar.

The presence of Poison Ivy in the series is long overdue since its evocation at the end of season 2. She will be present as a recurring character throughout season 3. Here is her description by The CW channel:

Poison Ivy, aka Pamela Isley, is a former Gotham University botany student described as a passionate and brilliant scientist with an idealist. But her plans changed when she underwent the experiments of a colleague who injected her with plant toxins.

Transformed into Poison Ivy, Pamela used her powers to do what she thought was right, even though Batman and those close to him disagreed with her dangerous methods. She is now ready for her revenge.

Poison Ivy was memorable played by Uma Thurman in Joel Schumacher’s – yet much maligned and failed – Batman & Robin in 1997. She was most recently played by three different actresses in Gotham: Clare Foley, Maggie Geha and Peyton List . Lake Bell also lends his voice to Poison Ivy in HBO Max’s Harley Quinn animated series.

The series returns to the air for its third season on October 13 on The CW.

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