Batman trailer - A long Halloween: the famous comic book adapted into an animated film - Cinema News

Batman trailer – A long Halloween: the famous comic book adapted into an animated film – Cinema News

Published between 1996 and 1997, the comic book “Un long Halloween” centered on Batman will finally be the subject of an adaptation, the time of an animated film in two parts. And the first is revealed in pictures.

Warner Bros. Animation

Any Batman fan will tell you: “A long Halloween” is one of the most memorable adventures of the Batman. Published between 1996 and 1997, the tale sets the hero on the trail of a serial killer who commits his murders on feast days (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or, of course, Halloween), and every step gives him the opportunity to confront one of its most famous enemies.

25 years later, and while rumored to be the inspiration for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the comic book becomes a two-part animated film. And the first, expected on video on June 23 in France, is revealed with a trailer and an animation style that at times recalls that of the Archer series.

At first glance, fidelity seems appropriate, and the second part, expected in the fall, could well be of a darkness close to that of its model, because it has already been announced that it will be classified. R (not recommended for children under 17 and subject to parental consent) in the United States, where it will not be “than” PG-13 (not recommended for children under 13).

After lending his voice to Jason Todd in Under the Red Hood in 2010, Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) is rising in rank: he will indeed play Batman alongside the late Naya Rivera, who tragically died on July 8, 2020 and who will be Catwoman for his last role. Note also that Josh Duhamel will play Harvey Dent, while the story must return to his transformation into Double-Face, and that Jack Quaid of The Boys will also be in the game.

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