Batman: Matt Damon auditioned for two films of the saga

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American actor Matt Damon, who will be appearing in “Stillwater” next month, has just revealed that he has auditioned for two films in the “Batman” saga. And each time for the same role.

Matt Damon as Robin? It was … doubly question! Guest of HappySadConfused podcast, the American actor has revealed to have auditioned for the role twice and for two different films: Batman by Tim Burton (1989) and Batman Forever by Joel Schumacher (1995).

“There are two things to tell”, confides the actor. “For the role of Robin, I went to New York. It was 1987, maybe 1988. I must have been 16 or 17 years old. I remember we had no one in front of us to speak to, it wasn’t like I was reading a scene with Batman. It was such a secretive casting that they made you read the scene from another movie. ” In the end, Robin will not finally appear in Burton’s Batman, led by Michael Keaton as a batman.

Matt Damon then talks about his second audition for the role, in 1993, this time for Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever. “At that point, Chris O’Donnell had already been selected, but there were discussions about his salary.”, he reveals. “The studio was starting to consider someone else and auditioning again. They wanted Chris, but for less. I remember at this point in my career, I just came to read scenes while knowing I wouldn’t get the part. “ In Batman Forever, Chris O’Donnell, who will therefore have accepted a reduction in salary, gives the reply to Val Kilmer in Batman.

Matt Damon will be in the news twice over the next few weeks. First with Stillwater, presented at the last Cannes Film Festival and visible in French theaters from September 22. Then with Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel, which will be unveiled on October 13.

Matt Damon will be showing at the “Last Duel” on October 13th:

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