Batman: Dave Bautista dreams of playing Bane

Batman: Dave Bautista dreams of playing Bane

What if Dave Bautista joined the DC team to play Bane? While there are no concrete plans at the moment, the actor dreams of playing Batman’s enemy and he recalled it during a panel at the Justice Con online convention.

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Does Dave Bautista dream of breaking Batman’s back? For several years, the actor has not hidden his desire to play Bane on the big screen. And he reconfirmed it in a panel dedicated to him during the Justice Con, online convention dedicated to two Zack Snyder films: Justice League and Army of the Dead, in which the former wrestler will shine on May 21.

Asked about the villain he would like to play, the role played by Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t take long to respond: “It would be Bane, without any hesitation. I never made a secret of it. I want to play Bane so badly that I went to see Warner Bros. I had a date with them, with DC, and I walked in saying ‘I want to play Bane!’ I’m not kidding. They said ‘Wow, but we don’t do a casting for Bane’, and I said ‘I don’t care, it’s gonna be me.’ “

It is true that, unlike The Penguin, Catwoman and the Mystery Man, Bane is not scheduled in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, due March 2, 2022 in our theaters. It may only be a postponement, and Dave Bautista may have a chance to succeed Tom Hardy but also Jeep Swenson, who was also a wrestler before playing the character in Batman & Robin, released a few weeks before his dead.

Created in 1993, Bane is a super villain whose strength has been increased tenfold thanks to a super steroid called “Venom”. Having killed all of the scientists and military who participated in his transformation, he is the only DC character with these abilities, and he remains famous for breaking Batman’s back during a clash. An iconic scene that we found in The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan in 2012.

Dave Bautista will be in Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” May 21 on Netflix:

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