Batman: a sequel to the cult 1992 animated series? – News Series

Batman: a sequel to the cult 1992 animated series?  – News Series

Truly Proust’s madeleine for fans of the Dark Knight, a sequel to the mythical animated series “Batman” would be developed by the HBO Max platform.

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Its unforgettable credits, its iconic villains, its voice actors – in French as in English – extraordinary: there are many reasons to explain the success of the animated series Batman (1992), still considered to this day as one of the best. screen adaptations of the Adventures of the Dark Knight! And it is most certainly because of this popularity among fans of the universe. DC Comics that the HBO Max platform would have decided to start a project now!

In his podcast Fatman Beyond Podcast (via, the director and geek muse Kevin Smith has indeed told his listeners to have heard from sources “reliable” that a sequel was indeed in development: “I am not involved in the project, but I also heard very reliable people bring up this rumor a few months ago. I think it is true.” Known for his independent comedies (Clerks, Dogma …), the filmmaker is also an accomplished comic-book writer, especially for series Green Hornet and Daredevil.

“For me there is no second thought, there is the HBO Max platform, there is a great series on Harley Quinn, and we know that a Batman animated series will be a success. We cannot screw up the legacy. of the saga, that’s for sure. We can’t go wrong, there is no reason for it to happen, as long as we have the necessary creative elements, and Bruce Timm (editor’s note: the creator of the original series) is involved, if he wants to. ” he added.

However, it is advisable to remain cautious about the veracity of the facts, Kevin Smith having already several times in the past peddled unproven rumors …

Did you notice? Details of Batman, the animated series:

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