Euroleague working day 4


B. Munich

B. Munich

Roger Grimau did not want to procrastinate, leaving everything to the last minute, so, to the surprise of his colleague Pablo Laso, he disembarked with the entire armored team from the start of the match at the Palau Blaugrana. That’s why Bayern, which arrived on the Barcelona field as a solid team, dominating on the rebound, quickly came to nothing. The 13-2 start said it all, so the Vitorian coach immediately had to take radical measures with a quadruple change after three minutes.

However, the decision was more cosmetic than effective, because Barcelona continued doing its thing. Once again in a team match, with no individual players standing out from the rest, the difference widened to 27-11 at the end of the first quarter. That is to say, reasonably good in attack and exceptional in defense, leaving the Bavarian team dry, as pale as the green of their shirt.

Barcelona’s defense was fierce, because in the second quarter, in which the home team took a break when it came to scoring, they also stopped the German temptations. The score ended even (16-16), but without Bayern having any fluidity in attack.

The teams went to the locker room, some to reinforce their convictions, the Barça team, others to lick their wounds, the Munich team, and they returned, but neither the home team slowed down nor the outside team patched up the rifts, so the third quarter It was a military parade for Barcelona. With Pablo Laso sitting on the bench, barely moving a muscle due to the impotence of his men, the Blaugrana were crushing their rival in every attack or defense action. The advantage exceeded 30 points and reached 37 (77-40) and the opportunity, in a triple that did not go in, to double the numbers on the scoreboard. Each of the Barcelona players stood out in some specialty. Satoransky (3 of 5) and Parker (3 of 4) were the best in the triple; Hernangómez and Parra worked hard on the rebound. Brizuela and Laprovittola were the best in assists. “We have done a great job defensively and we have also had rhythm in attack,” Grimau pointed out. “The whole team has worked.”

With Ibaka neutralized by Hernangómez in a duel that sparked, as the last incentive in the final stretch of the match, Barcelona had as much fun as Grimau’s team is having this season. The 39 point difference reflects what happened on the field

For its part, Valencia fell for the first time in the Euroleague after putting Efes in trouble at the Sinan Erdem in Istanbul. In an irregular match, Mumbrú’s men lost 77-73 although they had a chance to equalize in the last seconds. Valencia squandered a good profit and found it very difficult to score, also losing the rebound. Puerto, Inglis and Davies put the Turkish team in check, but a two plus one from Beaubois and another basket from Clyburn made it impossible for the Valencians to achieve their goal.

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