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The run-up to the match between Barcelona and Sevilla has been quite eventful at an institutional level. The Andalusian team announced in a statement that the Sevillian entity would suspend all formal events prior to the match against Barcelona. Among them, the presence of members of the Seville board of directors in the box of the Lluís Companys Stadium, as well as the meal between the boards of directors, which was not held. It was a protest action, “after the latest news and advances in the Negreira case and the new accusation for alleged crime of bribery against Barcelona and some of its former leaders,” the text explained. A very harsh statement that had an equally forceful response from Barcelona an hour before the start of the match. The Catalan team even decided to break relations with Sevilla until they rectify their behavior.

In the statement made public this Friday, Sevilla expressed its “respect for Spanish justice” and noted “its rejection of the behavior of the Barça club” during the periods in which these crimes were supposedly committed. Finally, the statement ended with a call that “events such as those that supposedly occurred are not repeated” and that the corresponding federative bodies “ensure, from now and from now on, the cleanliness of all competitions.” Tournaments in which, they highlight, Sevilla continually faced Barcelona all those years. “Sevilla shows its total indignation and rejection of the practices carried out by the former Barcelona leaders accused by the Negreira casepractices that supposedly constitute a crime for the Investigative Court number 1 of Barcelona, ​​according to the order published in the media,” Sevilla stated in this statement.

In Sevilla there is enormous anger over the behavior of the Catalan entity in the Negreira case and its leaders believed it was appropriate to stage this discomfort with the statement that shook the preview of the Montjuic clash, the first that Barcelona will play after the developments that occurred in the case. “We couldn’t stand still,” sources from all the solvency of the Seville entity informed this medium, the first to position itself in a kind of cordon sanitaire against the Catalan team. Sevilla was already the first Spanish football club to be identified on February 20 when the Negreira case, for which the Catalan club made payments for several years to the vice president of the Spanish Referees Committee. “A few days after the information about the so-called Negreira caseSevilla wishes to show its concern and indignation at the data that, day after day, has been made known through the media, making it clear that it is absolutely necessary to get to the bottom of the matter to clarify what happened, and, where appropriate, clarify the appropriate responsibilities,” Sevilla already noted on February 20.

If the indignation was great in the Andalusian team, Barcelona’s response was also angry and forceful. An hour before the clash, the Catalan club also released a statement. “Barcelona wants to publicly show its rejection of an unjustified and inappropriate attack by Sevilla, a club that has refused to sit at the table at the institutional lunch between directors prior to tonight’s match between both teams at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, where its representatives They also refused to attend the honor box,” Barcelona stated.

“Barcelona understands that this is an attack against the Catalan institution and an unacceptable offense. The so-called Negreira case cannot serve as an excuse for such actions, since the judicial procedure is in a very premature investigation phase and Sevilla’s position clearly prejudges facts that, in no case, and in none of its preliminary and hypothetical classifications, are proven. ”, adds the Catalan club. “Barcelona considers all relations with the Sevilla institution broken, as long as it does not rectify its current positioning,” the Catalan entity concludes in its statement.

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