Barbarians on Netflix: after Dark, what is this new German epic and bloody series?

Barbarians on netflix: after dark, what is this new german epic and bloody series?

Netflix added this Friday, October 23 to its catalog Barbarians, its new German production. But what is it about?

What is it about ?

Through the prism of the Battle of Teutoburg in the year 9 AD, the fate of three young people who range from innocence to guilt, from loyalty to betrayal and from love to hatred.

A historic and epic battle

The new German Netflix series is called Barbarians and it plunges us into the heart of a historic battle, also called “the disaster of Varus” which saw the Germans and Romans clash. A real massacre (20,000 losses) which has been largely told from the point of the Romans. Barbarians intends to settle this injustice since the series follows the Germanic troops, while they embark on a fight which seemed however lost in advance. The writers surrounded themselves with historians, to best tell the story of the Battle of Teutoburg, which therefore took place on Germanic lands.

Barbarians is a historical and epic series that will appeal to fans of the genre. We obviously think of Vikings for its aesthetics and its violence (the series is prohibited for those under 16 on the platform) and of Gladiator, Rome or Troy for its peplum side which is very quickly swept away to focus on the Germans. This new German production seems in any case to have benefited from large means and we even find in the realization a regular of the genre: Steve Saint Leger has indeed worked on Vikings and will even realize 3 episodes of the spin-off Valhalla for Netflix.

On the distribution side, it’s quite varied. We will recognize the Franco-German actress Jeanne Goursaud (3:17 pm for Paris), David Schütter (seen Charlie’s Angels,), Bernhard Schütz (Sense8), Laurence Rupp (Mission Impossible 5) or even Attila Arpa (Atomic Blonde). Barbarians Season 1 consists of 6 episodes to devour on Netflix.

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