Bankrupt and Dying from Cancer, Ulysses S. Grant Waged His Greatest Battle

Shortly before noon, May 6, 1884, Ulysses S. Grant entered the office of his Wall Street brokerage firm, a wealthy man. A few hours later, he came out of a poor man.

Thanks to a pyramid scheme operated by his unscrupulous partner, Ferdinand Ward, Grant’s investment company immediately collapsed, wiping out his savings. “When I went downtown this morning, I thought I was worth a lot of money, now I don’t know I have a dollar,” lamented the defeated civil war hero to a former classmate. from West Point. In fact, Grant had everything from $ 80 to his name. His wife, Julia, still had $ 130. Kindhearted strangers responded by sending grant checks. Desperate to pay his bills, the former American president cashed them.

Still struggling with the bitter sting of bankruptcy, Grant that summer also suffered from an excruciating prick in the throat. When he finally visited a doctor in October, Grant learned that he had incurable throat and tongue cancer, probably a product of his habit of 20 cigars a day.

Grant, a three-night miniseries event. Soon in HISTORY.

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