Balthazar: we saw the first episodes of season 4 without Hélène de Fougerolles – News …

Following the departure of Hélène de Fougerolles, the TF1 series “Balthazar” is “reinvented” and welcomes Constance Labbé as a new heroine alongside Tomer Sisley. We saw the start of season 4 at the La Rochelle Festival, and it’s a success.

Balthazar: we saw the first episodes of season 4 without hélène de fougerolles - news...

By the end of the year, Balthazar should make his comeback on TF1 for a season 4 necessarily like no other since it will be the first not to stage Hélène de Fougerolles, who announced in a totally unexpected way his departure from the series last December, at the end of season 3.

It is therefore a certain revival that takes place for the series worn by Tomer Sisley with the arrival in the cast of Constance Labbé, seen in particular in Camping paradis, Noces rouge, and The school of life, which joins the adventure. in the role of Camille Costes, a police captain from Lille who arrives at the criminal and will henceforth collaborate with Delgado (Yannig Samot) and Balthazar on their investigations.

The first two episodes of season 4 were screened today as part of the La Rochelle TV fiction festival. And this introduction, as well as the new duo Camille-Balthazar, does not disappoint. Quite the contrary.

Constance Labbé breathes new life into Balthazar

Succeeding Hélène de Fougerolles, whose character, Hélène Bach, was extremely popular with viewers and so important to the emotional anchoring of the series, was no small feat. And yet, when Camille Costes arrives like a hurricane in Balthazar‘s life, a real breath of fresh air blows over the successful series created by Clothilde Jamin and Clélia Constantine. A successful relaunch that Balthazar did not necessarily need – as the series is what is best in terms of policing on TF1 – but which still does a lot of good.

If the dog and cat side was already present between Hélène Bach and the lawyer embodied by Tomer Sisley, Camille is more into it. She constantly slams Balthazar, is prickly, and ends up easily on an equal footing with him in the little game of annoyance and seduction that quickly takes place between them.

Because the whole point of this new pair is that their first meeting, in the high-flying opening episode of season 4, is not really one since the two characters have already crossed paths a few years ago. , when they slept together in a nightclub bathroom. The only problem: Camille never called Balthazar back. What the latter has a hard time digesting.

The comedy is therefore more present than ever in the first episodes of season 4 and Constance Labbé brings her quite magnetic presence and a crazy energy to the character of Camille who we already adore. And which, fortunately, hides behind this shell full of pep’s and humor wounds that we will certainly discover little by little, as the end of the second episode suggests.

Balthazar: we saw the first episodes of season 4 without hélène de fougerolles - news...


A beginning of season 4 which multiplies the red threads for our greatest pleasure

If we hope that the intimate past shared by the two heroes, and the sexual tension that goes with it, will not slide too quickly (if ever) towards a romance, in order to avoid a repetition with the Helene-Balthazar relationship, this link that exists between Camille and the lawyer who speaks to the dead has the merit of offering a new red thread effective, and rather funny, to the series of TF1.

Always as astonishing, and sometimes very dark, in the investigations that it stages (the first episode confronts Balthazar and Camille with an investigation under high tension in mid-flight, in a plane), this fourth season also has the good idea of to multiply more than ever the long-term intrigues and to take an in-depth interest in its characters and their psychological torments.

Balthazar, who remains haunted by the death of his wife Lise (Pauline Cheviller), from whom he will certainly never recover, also has to deal with the trauma of the events of the season 3 finale. Maya (Leslie Medina), who still appears in the series, may be imprisoned, it continues to torment him. Especially since she is carrying her baby. And the arrival of a new character played by Caterina Murino, who is closely interested in him, will not help Raphaël Balthazar.

So, Camille, who seems determined to force her new investigative comrade to face his demons, will she manage to help him? And will Balthazar be entitled to a new start after all the tragedies he has been through? Answer soon on TF1 in a season 4 which starts very strongly and very well.

We can only regret the way in which the departure of Hélène de Fougerolles is explained on the screen, which would certainly have deserved a real end worthy of the name. But we will not say more, in order to leave to the televiewers the care of discovering the fate reserved to Hélène Bach. One thing is certain, a page is turning for Balthazar, but the series has not said its last word and the future may well offer us more surprises.

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