Balthazar on TF1: the first info on season 5 on TV

Season 4 of “Balthazar” ended last night on TF1 with a twist-filled finale that raises a lot of questions for the future. To wait before the broadcast of season 5, discover the first information on the next episodes.

Will Balthazar manage to stop Alexandre and prove his innocence? This is the question we ask ourselves after the end of season 4, broadcast last night on TF1, which ended with the revelation of the existence of the hero’s brother, who seems to be shooting in the shadowed the strings for years and went into high gear to destroy the life of the pathologist played by Tomer Sisley.

The good news, even if we will have to be patient before getting answers, is that season 5, which may not be the last contrary to what had been announced, is in filming since last month in the Paris region.

And these next episodes, which should again be eight in number, will obviously give pride of place to the confrontation between Balthazar and his brother Alexander. But also to the hero’s child, brought into the world by Maya (Leslie Medina) in his cell in the last moments of the fourth season.

Strong consequences for all the characters in the series

“We leave Balthazar in such a situation that he is like a tightrope walker. And he is falling”recently confided to us the creator and producer Clothilde Jamin about the sequel to the hit detective series from TF1.

“Season 5 will therefore manage the almost direct continuation of what happens in the finale of season 4”continues the one who co-created the series with Clélia Constantine. “For all the characters. For Camille and his past. For Balthazar and his brother. For Balthazar and this child. For Eddy and Fatim, and their life as a couple. For Delgado and his loyalty to Camille or Balthazar And for Olivia, because she breaks the law at the end of season 4. What will be the consequences for her?.

Clothilde Jamin thus confirms that Leslie Medina and Caterina Murino will be back in season 5 to the delight of viewers. Especially since Caterina Murino was recently seen on the set thanks to photos posted by Constance Labbé (Camille) on her Instagram account.

And the same goes for Olivier Sitruk, the interpreter of Alexandre Balthazar, the brother of the lawyer, since Tomer Sisley promised our microphone: “There is a very nice confrontation between Balthazar and Alexandre from the first episode of season 5 that I can’t wait to shoot”.

Balthazar on tf1: the first info on season 5 on tv

A baby that sounds “revolution” for Balthazar

In a video shot behind the scenes of season 5 unveiled this morning by TF1, Côme Levin, alias Eddy, also reveals that the couple formed by his character and Fatim will move up a gear in the next episodes of the series: “In season 5 we are slowly starting to formalize our love within the IML”.

But the biggest evolution will undoubtedly be for Raphaël Balthazar himself. Indeed, the lawyer who speaks to the dead will find himself confronted with the birth of his child. An event that could well change his life more than ever.

“We are planning a few surprises that we can’t talk about“, says Tomer Sisley in online video on MyTF1. “But, in any case, it’s a bit of a revolution for Balthazar since he becomes a dad. The question arises: “What do you do when you have had a child with the devil? And that half of your child’s blood is the devil?”.

And if the mystery is well kept as to how Balthazar will manage his paternity, this report on the filming of the fifth season confirms in any case that the hero of the series will once again be dressed as a drag queen when Balthazar returns to the antenna. Proving that the very last scene of season 4 was far from free.

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