Balthazar on TF1: the creator of the series returns to the “hasty” departure of Hélène from…

Season 4 of “Balthazar”, currently broadcast on TF1, is the first without Hélène de Fougerolles, who left the adventure in 2020. Clothilde Jamin, the creator of the series, explained to us the scriptwriting choices that led to this departure.

Successfully broadcast every Thursday evening on TF1, season 4 of Balthazar is a fine proof of renewal, in particular thanks to the arrival of Constance Labbé in the role of Camille Costes and to the new dynamic created by her duo with Tomer Sisley. However, change requires, fans of the series were obviously saddened by the absence of Hélène Bach, the heroine of the first three seasons.

After 24 episodes spent in the skin of the police captain, Hélène de Fougerolles announced in December 2020 her departure from Balthazar, explaining in particular that the authors were afraid of getting bored with the Balthazar-Hélène relationship: “we couldn’t continue this dog/cat story indefinitely”.

A screenplay choice confirmed to us by designer, collection director and producer Clothilde Jamin during an interview. “The reflection is the one that any scriptwriter of a series which is based on a romantic duo asks”, explains the one who created Balthazar in 2018 with Clélia Constantine. “After a while, when we have exploited all the springs of the romantic comedy, there are two solutions”.

“The first is that the two heroes get together, which all the same signs the end of the tension which is a big driving force in Balthazar and in most series. Or else we continue to make this story impossible, but at some point we inevitably start going in circles. Whatever the quality of the character and the quality of the relationship between the two, we must seek to renew ourselves. And in this case it was through this decision to separate from the character of Hélène Bach”.

Balthazar on tf1: the creator of the series returns to the "hasty" departure of hélène from...

While the finale of season 3 rather left the future of the medical examiner embodied by Tomer Sisley in suspense, who we left bleeding to death in the middle of nowhere, nothing suggested, at the level of the scenario, Helen’s departure. So audiences were eagerly waiting to find out how his absence was going to be brought about and explained in season 4. And that’s where perhaps the biggest disappointment happened.

Indeed, we just learn at the turn of a scene in the first episode of season 4 that Balthazar rejected Hélène when he woke up in the hospital (when she had finally declared her love to him) and that So she left to live in Polynesia, in order to make a new start. A hasty departure that Clothilde Jamin does not seek to deny, even if the screenwriter and producer of Balthazar explains that a logic is hidden behind this decision.

“Yes, it’s true, it’s quite rushed at the start of the season. But it’s really a scriptwriting choice. We also didn’t want to generate nostalgia for the character of Hélène Bach, whom we love very much. We lived with her for three seasons. With the actress Hélène, whom we also like a lot. We know that she is a character who is very popular with viewers, that the duet with Balthazar worked really well.”.

“So either we offered Hélène a real outing, taking the time to get the character out at the start of the season. With the risk that it would then be very difficult to introduce a new character behind it”continues Clothilde Jamin. “Either we closed so, from the start of the season, to start again on something new. And that’s also why we imagined this episode on the plane, where everything goes very fast and where we don’t In the end, we don’t have much time to ask ourselves the question of his absence. But we debated a lot with the authors”.

In the end, the writers of Balthazar managed to breathe a good dose of freshness into season 4, making Camille a very different character from Hélène, who quickly established a more “fraternal” relationship with the character of Tomer. Sisley.

As for Hélène de Fougerolles, she is not idle since we will soon find her in the credits of two series: Valkyries on TF1 and And the mountain will flower on France 3.

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