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As season 5 of “Balthazar” continues this Thursday, February 9 with a new, new episode, the creator of the series told us about her regrets about one of the characters, whom she would have liked to develop more in this final season.

Broadcast every Thursday on TF1, the fifth and final season of Balthazar continues this evening with an episode not to be missed, entitled “The truth is elsewhere”, which pays a nice tribute to X-Files with its investigation into the background of possible kidnapping by aliens.

In two weeks, the series carried by Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé will end with a very strong finale, which will obviously give pride of place to the serial plot of Balthazar and will see the pathologist face his brother, Alexandre, one last time.

With this season 5 composed of only six episodes, the authors had the difficult task of concluding the series, and the many intrigues deployed over the seasons, sometimes a little expeditiously. The reduced number of episodes ordered by TF1 forced the production to make choices, as creator and producer Clothilde Jamin told us.

“If we had had more episodes, we would obviously have taken the time to unfold certain character plots. With ten more episodes, we would have liked to tell a thousand more things about our characters”admits the one who created Balthazar with Clélia Constantine.

“Six episodes is really tight. Especially since at the end of season 4 we left Balthazar in an extremely complicated position, so we had to manage that and respond to the cliffhanger of the previous season in the first episode of season 5 And we also had to give a conclusion to the series and offer a real end to all these characters. All that takes time. So if we take away the first and the last episode, there are four left in the end. very tight to tell everything we would have liked to tell”.

Much more than on detective stories, it is therefore at the level of the soap opera aspect, or the intimate life of the heroes, that the scriptwriters were forced to make choices: “For example, we could have further developed the relationship between Olivia Vésinet (Caterina Murino) and Balthazar”continues Clothilde Jamin. “And I’m also thinking of Delgado, whom we love. We had desires that unfortunately did not come to fruition”.

Thibault Grabherr / TF1

Yannig Samot (Delgado) and Camille (Constance Labbé) in season 5 of Balthazar.

Present since the very first episode, Jérôme Delgado, played by Yannig Samot, has always been one of the essential characters in the series, first paired with Hélène Bach (Hélène de Fougerolles), then Camille Costes at the police station. And despite this, he was never entitled to a personal intrigue, about his private life or his past. To the great regret of Clothilde Jamin, even if the creator of Balthazar recognizes that it is Delgado’s personality that takes precedence over everything else.

“Finally, it has somehow become a mark of personality that we know little about Delgado”explains the screenwriter and producer of the series. “But it is certain that, with the authors, we had plenty to tell about him”.

“The concern is that there has never really been a place to do it. Whereas he is a character who is very present in the series. It’s a small regret, it’s true. But He’s a character we love. He’s extremely funny. And he has such a fine side. For me, he’s really one of the pillars of the series.”.

Fans of Balthazar who appreciate Delgado will however be happy to learn that nice moments, in particular linked to Camille, await the character camped by Yannig Samot in the last episodes of season 5. And therefore of the series.

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