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Coup de theater: after 3 seasons, Hélène de Fougerolles leaves “Balthazar”, of which she was one of the stars alongside Tomer Sisley. She will therefore not participate in season 4, which will begin filming in early 2021.

An important page turns for Balthazar. While TF1 broadcast the highly anticipated season 3 finale last night, marked by the revelation of the identity of Lise’s murderer, Hélène de Fougerolles has just announced on Instagram that she is leaving the series after three years and 24 episodes spent in the skin of police captain Hélène Bach. Season 4, commissioned by the channel and currently in writing, will therefore be done without the one who was, alongside Tomer Sisley, one of the two central figures of the successful detective series since its launch in 2018.

“Season 3 of Balthazar is over!”, explains Hélène de Fougerolles in a message posted on social networks. “It’s also the end of a wonderful adventure for me. I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN SEASON 4 (we couldn’t go on with this dog / cat story indefinitely it would have bored you). Other stories! Other professional adventures and personal for me too! I am infinitely grateful to have had the chance to participate in this series and this success. Thank you TF1 “. The actress then thanks all those who have contributed to this beautiful three-year adventure, including producers Stéphane Marsil and Clothilde Jamin, and her acting partners Yannig Samot, Philypa Phoenix, Leslie Medina, Côme Levin, Pauline Cheviller, and Aliocha Itovich. Everyone except Tomer Sisley in short, whom she “mentions” only at the end of her post as “Balthazar”.

The announcement of the departure of Hélène de Fougerolles should not fail to have the effect of a bomb on the fans of Balthazar who could not expect such a development. Especially since in the last seconds of season 3, it is the lawyer embodied by Tomer Sisley who found himself in a critical situation and seemed very close to death. But the confirmation a few weeks ago by TF1 of the start of a season 4 leaves little suspense as to the future of the hero of the series, who will obviously be back, still embodied by the star of Largo Winch.

It remains to be seen how the writers will explain the absence of Hélène Bach in the next episodes of the series. Are we going to be entitled to a leap in time? Helene will she die? Will she leave far from Paris to forget Balthazar after realizing that a love affair was impossible between them? The future will tell. Announced as “the season of renewal” by the creator of Balthazar, Clothilde Jamin, season 4 which will follow the resolution of the mystery surrounding the death of Lise, who had obsessed the main character for years will therefore be synonymous with change more than ever. These changes will notably take the form of a new female character which will be introduced to fill the void left by the departure of Hélène de Fougerolles. But according to our information, TF1 and the production have not yet found the actress who will “replace” her alongside Tomer Sisley.

A task that will not prove to be easy as Hélène de Fougerolles was an essential element of Balthazar and was part of the DNA of the series. But Profilage has succeeded in renewing itself on several occasions, after the departures of Guillaume Cramoisan, Odile Vuillemin, and Juliette Roudet. So why not Balthazar? As for Hélène de Fougerolles fans, they can take comfort in knowing that the actress will soon be back on the front page in the sequel to the hit TV movie Special Mention. And its collaboration with TF1 could well continue since the chain confirmed to us that the will to propose new projects to the actress was indeed there.

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33 thoughts on “Balthazar: Hélène de Fougerolles leaves the series before season 4 – News Séries

  1. I can’t believe there were only 8 episodes and now I find out that Helene has decided not to return!!
    Mon dieu!! She should at least return for the first episode to tie up the storyline between the two.

      1. aint it good they pick and choose jobs-imagine if we all did that in RL
        s4 been biven go ahead acc to acorn but i would rather know why these two seemed to not friendly to each other–but happened b4 loads of shows where stars hated each other

  2. This absolutely Sucks big time! I just abhor when a series ends on such a note. Doesn’t make you feel attached to the show for future seasons. The entire 3 seasons were dedicated to finding the killer of Balthazar’s wife and the dynamic between the main characters. Since the killer was identified in Season 3 Will they now write out the wife’s character too? Then what is the show all about?
    Sorry I ever got hooked!

    1. Yes, Season 3 sucked! It is an absolute insult to the first two seasons. Too silly in parts, unlikely in other parts. I love sexy Balthazar, not the clowning-around version. The ending wouldn’t have been that way. B wouldn’t have gone along with M knowing what he knew then. Just too stupid 😠

  3. This is the best series to hit in a very long time. I hope they convince Hélène de Fougerolles to reconsider with a creative suggestion for a refreshed direction. Otherwise, It will likely have to be something really spectacular to get my attention back for season 4. Oh well.

  4. Am I reading this wrong? I’m the getting the idea. A. She don’t get on with lead. B
    She’s just hates the show. ??

  5. I have really loved the tone of this show; it’s serious yet playful, dark yet light. It’s a wonderful balance. The storylines are (mainly) well crafted, but for me, the main focus and strength of the show comes from the characters. I love the dynamic between Bach and Balthazar; their characters are so well-developed and well acted. The heart of the show for me, is the connection between Balthazar and Bach. It’s so sad that Helene won’t be in Season 4. Season 3 culminated with all the below-surface feelings between them finally revealing themselves, it feels cruel to cut off that storyline right when it reaches that apex. I can’t imagine a satisfactory resolution without Bach. Some half-formulated time-leap, or “It wouldn’t work between us” scenario seems like an ill-conceived, almost insulting–to both the characters and the viewers–write-off after the carefully written, increasingly dynamic tension we’ve all been following between Bach and Balthazar for the last 3 seasons. I understand that actors move on, but really? Ending Season 3 with him dying and her calling him “my love”, and then…nothing? Or some new woman? That’s just wrong!

    1. SOOOOOO totally agree with EVERYTHING you said!! How could they just leave us hanging and then she announces she is leaving, Like she wanted to ruin it for fans. I understand actors move on… but why announce it so soon after the finale was shown?? I wonder if the two leads didn’t get on with her not really mentioning him. You know how we women can be… passive aggressive sometimes LOL!!

  6. Just finished 3. Captain Bach not coming back? Too bad. I won’t be back either then. I’ll just imagine he died and write it off as a really bad ending to a show I loved.

    1. I’m thinking I might agree with you. Just when it seems like they’ll finally have a chance. At least glad I found out tonight and not at the beginning of Season 4. Which I now don’t look forward to.

  7. I am I glad to hear the series will continue. I am sorry Helene decided to leave as it is always an adjustment to lose lead characters but I will be back to see how this terrific series continues.

  8. Oh make those main characters come back for series 4! I just invested my whole weeken on this and I’m 80 years old! Not good and a lousy finale for season 3😡

  9. S ounds like Balthazar and Captain Bach are not as close as they appear to be on the show. It will be very different without Captain Bach, not sure if I will like it, but will give it a try!!!

  10. She’s just an uptight controlling woman who can’t face a full on romance with Baljthazar cuz she’s afraid that he’ll find her just a shallow mess and drop her like a hot potato … haha … i love her chameleon style but let’s look forward to a powerful new Chief Detective … yeah :-!

  11. It sounds a lot like Castle, where the two lead actors could not stand each other. Sadly, the male lead continued his career, and the female lead hasn’t been seen in years. She might want to reconsider. People don’t easily forgive actors who leave them in the lurch. Fans and show producers have long memories.

  12. SO BUMMED to read this. SadlyI won’t be back. I love the lead actor but the whole reason I’m in love with this show is Balthazar and Helene’s relationship.

    So very sad about this news

  13. In the 1980s a US television show, MOONLIGHTING, had a similar repressed love between the male (Bruce Willis) and female (Cybill Shepherd) stars. It was a wonderful show! But when the two characters finally consummated their love, the tension drained out of the show. It lost something. I think maybe Helene thought the same thing was going to happen with BALTHAZAR. I don’t blame her for leaving. They were a great three series!!

  14. Obviously there was tension disagreement or other personal artistic problems between the stars and that’s why she’s not returning But I really feel manipulated by the showrunner is and how they structure the end of season three in any event If people need to take a lesson from David Simon who plots the story arc for the end of the series at the very beginning of episode one so you don’t run into these unfortunate circumstances As for not having Helene in season four that will damage the show irreparably The entire attraction of the series was based on the romantic relationship between them and it’s eventual expression So for me I won’t be watching it

  15. I finished this series last night and honestly thought it was a finale of the series. I googled to see why it ended this way. Like with “Castle”, Stana (Beckett) had irreconcilable differences with Nathan (Castle), hence a rushed series finale because she could no longer stand working with him. Appears this has happened with Helene as well and rather than do what she is being paid well to do (act), she decided to walk away. Well good-bye Helene! You were a nice part of the series, but Balthazar is who we love and after all he is the star of the show and I t is called Balthazar after all, not Capt Bach! I’m positive the writers will show you that the show will go on just fine without you. Looking forward to Season 4 and new beginnings for Balthazar. As a side note I’ve loved watching it in French and reading the English subtitles. I grew up in the area of Chicago, IL USA and took 4 years of French in high school. Haven’t used it since but enjoy picking pieces of it up again!

  16. Offer Helene more money to do season 4. Then she could leave if she wanted. The chemistry between them was so good. No one can replace her. Is it true that she quit because she really doesn’t like Tomer?

  17. Adore this show! Can’t wait for season 4! So glad Balthazar is returning! Love the character! Move forward! Yes!

  18. Was totally stunned by ending of season 3. Totally. Never expected that. Looked forward to watching a few episodes each night and got so attached. Crazy…proves how great the storylines and actors were. Never been as invested in a show as with this one. Ruined my night! I think I went over the edge on this one for sure!

  19. My husband and I tremendously enjoyed all 3 seasons of Balthazar and looked forward to watching an episode every night. We loved listening to the characters speaking French which we feel is the most beautiful language in all the world. We both studied years of French in high school and college, but as they say “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. So therefore, reading the subtitles and picking out words and phrases we recognized was rewarding. All that being said, I found the last episode of Season 3 to be unfathomable. First off, if Balthazar knew the truth about Maya before the wedding, how could he possibly go through with marrying her? Also, he’s been speaking to Lise who’s been dead for about 13 years. How could Maya and Janvier be involved in her murder so long ago, and then have Maya first appear in Balthazar’s life so many years later? Also, how could she/would she have collaborated with Janvier to kill Lise because her hands were just like Maya’s mother’s hands?
    After 3 seasons of excitement, mystery, romance, heart-wrenching agony, humor, and great drama we are left with a strong sense of disappointment to discover that it was all based on a very weak premise.

  20. Aw man. This is probably the most unoriginal show I’ve ever seen. (Basically, take CSI, every “defective detective” show ever made (though he is that character in this) every quirky medical examiner show, House, The Bridge, every show featuring male/female leads with “will they or won’t they” tension, Six Feet Under, music that sounds like The X Files, a title ripped off from Game of Thrones) put them in a blender, and you’ve got this. Oh, and superhero films, because he basically has super powers.)
    But the reason I kept watching was because I really liked the actors. Especially her. Bummer.

  21. Uh, didn’t anyone else notice that Capt. Bach became a flattened character whose storyline revolved around Balthazar, where in previous seasons, she had a life outside work, with storylines involving juggling work with being a mother and wife? Ok, she got divorced, but she still had kids, who we never saw. She was given less and less and Balthazar more and more screen time. Anything she did had to revolve around him. And didn’t you know from whenever Maya was introduced, that she was shady and bound to be the killler? This show is fun, but not what I would call deep, and I’m sorry for Helene that she basically got what so many actresses get, which is less and less. Good for her for leaving. I’ll watch whatever she’s in next.

  22. Hard to believe. What a great show. I would have never seen it if I hadn’t canceled my cable. Well oh, she’s so talented and gorgeous and I can understand in a way what she calls the dog and cat show where this sexual tension cannot go on forever unrequited in this story. I remember seeing Doc Martin and that one on for quite a while but then it was resolved. I guess she figures the way the series is written this resolution will never take place.

  23. That’s where the story fell apart, when balthasar got married. He would have never picked the less sexy woman.

  24. To read that Helene won’t be returning is sickening. My husband and I loved this show (well, most of it – there were two really stupid episodes that we did not like), but I have to agree with another person who posted that the logic in the last episode of Season 3 made absolutely no sense. I am not sure I will be watching if there is a Season 4. I may watch at first but I doubt there will be the chemistry between Baltazar and anyone other than Captain Bach. And what happened to Delgado? Geesh.

  25. I think Balthazar can carry the show, but it will be a challenge to see how Bach’s removal will affect a smooth transition into season 4. I realize that her character was an important part of the series, but she really was not a favorite of mine. I certainly won’t ban the series because of her exit.
    It is interesting to note her curt acknowledgement of Tomas Sisley in her statement. Could a bad working relationship be the cause of her leaving the series?

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