Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish residence, is being used as a public toilet

London (DLLSUITE.COM) – The motto of the aid to be introduced in the reason for the residence of the queen of Scots, they are walkers, I see the branch.
Leaving the castle of the queen of the coming of the various places in the Balmoral’s the holidays of the year before the entrance, and wipes away and that the moisture did not even advise to use the t-shirt to the heirs of a place for it in secret.

Public facilities are closed most of the country’s lockdown in Britain, and people are allowed to exercise and socialize outside, leading many to ask for quiet public places, if the nature of the calls.

“Disappointed to see so many people today Estate wipes tendency. Next paths to and monuments. Please remember to open the public toilets, because they are not in a moment of five miles round, “he wrote to the staff at the Balmoral’s.

“The problem is that we have a lot of bearing in mind that they are not biodegradable wipes left in the fields,” they added. “Also, as they are then choosing the right paths to get busy and rather than monuments to move a little further to avoid contamination.”

However, the castle acknowledged that they need to walk around the house for himself.

“If you need to pee, please do so at least 30 meters from lakes or streams,” added the Lord’s Day Tweet. “If you need, obviously, to the extent possible to take away from buildings, roads, water and farm animals. Bury faeces around it, and replace shallow lie in the grass, exhausted.”

The princess, from a noble family spend several weeks a year in Scotland, the farm 50,000 acres Walker.

Britain has the fourth highest in another realm at Windsor in near London.

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