Baftas 2021: Britain’s big film awards night – live! | Film


PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN WINS! Emerald Fennell, who is sitting in an abandoned ballroom and eating a chocolate Bafta, is being as charismatic and charming as always. But mainly well done to Bafta for convincing Aaron Sorkin to turn up for three seconds of looking disappointed in a tiny window.


Rose Byrne’s Glitchy Ghost presents best original screenplay. She commits the fatal error of trying to make a joke. But the connection is bad and there isn’t an audience. Try harder next time there’s a global pandemic, Rose.



YUH-JUNG YOUN WINS! And this is a very charming speech. She introduces herself as “an actress from Korea” and offers her condolences for Prince Philip. And then she calls all British people ‘”snobby”. If she repeats this at the Oscars (and hopefully she will), she’ll be a megastar overnight.



Now for best supporting actress. Here to present is David Oyelowo, who is wearing a particularly lovely bowtie tonight.



This is a nice song, and a moving performance, but what I’m most grateful for is the way that there is only one Celeste and she isn’t a hologram, and she doesn’t keep dissolving into smoke, and this whole thing doesn’t make my sphincter slam all the way shut, so in that respect it’s a step up from the opening song.


Now for more music. It’s Celeste, singing Hear My Voice, which you may remember from The Trial of the Chicago 7, just after the scene where Aaron Sorkin wrote that some characters should receive a standing ovation for a speech that Aaron Sorkin also wrote.



The next Rising Star to be introduced is Conrad Khan. He’s in a white room that seems to have some cleaning products peeking out of the background. A mop? I don’t know. We’ll miss this sort of thing when Covid goes away, you know.


NOMADLAND WINS. Joshua James Richards accepts the award from a void that gives nothing away whatsoever. But he’s quoting Morrissey, so that’s something. But it’s a good speech, emotional and off the cuff and genuinely grateful.



Best cinematography now. Felicity Jones is here to present, or just explain what cinematography is, or whatever. Who knows?


ANOTHER ROUND WINS. This is a huge category, arguably containing the best films of the entire night, so this is an incredible result. The producers seem to be taken completely by surprise – they’re all piling into the room with the webcam excitedly. One of them is filming the webcam on her phone. This is a brilliant result, and the first time that this awards ceremony has actually felt like an awards ceremony.


Now for film not in the English language. Pedro Pascal presents in person. I will not hear a single bad word about this man, not even his jacket, which is so big that it makes him look like three children standing on each other’s shoulders.



Next Rising Star introduction now. It’s time for Bukky Bakray from Rocks, who is also nominated for leading actress. If nothing else, she has appears to have matched her soft furnishings to the artwork in her room. Clearly we are in the presence of an artistic mastermind here.


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