Bad Boys 4: a sequel with or without Will Smith? – Cinema news

Bad boys 4: a sequel with or without will smith? - cinema news

After the success of Bad Boys For Life, the sequel to the adventures of the Miami supercops has been jeopardized by the case of the slap in the face of Will Smith at the Oscars. Has the production of the feature film been abandoned? We have the answer!

Released in January 2020, Bad Boys For Lifethe latest installment in the saga, was a hit at the cinema, collecting 426 million dollars in worldwide receipts for a budget of 90 million.

It is the biggest success of the franchise, exploding the 273 million Bad Boys 2. Therefore, a 4th installment was started in the wake of the release of episode 3, as revealed The Hollywood Reporter two years ago.

In May 2020, the screenwriter Chris Bremner revealed at the microphone of Collider that a first version of the script was already ready. However, the Covid crisis obviously delayed the production of the film, which was put on hold for a while.

Subsequently, Belgian filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallahauthors of the 4th episode, left the project, preferring to devote themselves to the film batgirl. Bad Boys 4 is therefore still without a director.

In March 2022, a new twist. Will Smithinterpreter of Mike Lowrey, slaps Chris Rock during the Oscars ceremony. The scandal goes around the world and the actor sees projects pass under his nose because of this aggression.


Netflix, which was preparing Fast and Loose with the actor, turns his back on him. Development of Bad Boys 4 has also reportedly been put on hold. In disgrace, the actor apologizes, gets expelled from the Academy of Oscars for 10 years and tries to be forgotten.

More than two months after the controversy, we finally learn that Bad Boys 4 is still in the pipes on the side of Sony Pictures.

Tom Rothmanproducer and president of the studio, confirmed the information in the columns of Deadline last May. He denies in passing the rumors about the pause or the cancellation of the production.

Bad Boys 4 is still in development and always has been.

“Bad Boys 4 is still in development and always has been. We didn’t put the brakes on anything because the car hadn’t started moving yet.”he says, using a motorized metaphor.

“What happened with Will Smith is very unfortunate but I will refrain from commenting. All I can say is that I have known him for years and I know he is someone good. He’s the epitome of a good person going through a bad time, all in front of the whole world.”he laments.

“I think his apologies are sincere, and I believe in forgiveness and redemption”, he concludes, confirming that Will Smith has not become persona non grata within the studio. Bad Boys 4 is therefore still on track, to the delight of fans.


Michael Bay will he return behind the camera after having directed the first two parts? This is a possibility not to be overlooked, especially since the filmmaker had supported the actor.

Asked by Entertainment Weekly on working with Will Smith again, Michael Bay replied: “Absolutely, 100%. He’s a very stable person.”

“At first I was like, ‘Did this really just happen?’ And then I saw Will scream. A real scream from Will. He’s an amazing fighter. He learned boxing “Obviously, it’s not advisable to do that, under any circumstances,” he continued, relaunched on his reaction to the case.

“But when people said ‘he could have killed him’, no, a slap is different. A punch? Yes, you can kill someone. Will gave him a slap”did he declare.

The king of explosions could therefore re-enlist for Bad Boys 4. It would be rather logical after the monumental flop of his last film, Ambulance, released last March. The director will be keen to become the big boss of the box office again!

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