Back to the future on Netflix: when little Elijah Wood began his career in the saga

While the saga “Back to the Future” is available on the Netflix platform, return to the very small role played by Elijah Wood in the second part, when he was only eight years old.

If you’re a keen observer, you may have noticed: actor Elijah Wood, Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings, started his film career with a small role in the Back to the Future saga! While the latter is available on the Netflix platform, a look back at this experience unlike any other for the American, who was then only eight years old.

After very first steps on the screen in front of the camera of David Fincher (in the clip of Forever Your Girl, the song of Paula Abdul), Elijah Wood discovers the cinema in 1989. Pushed by his parents, he indeed passes the auditions of Back to the future 2. It is a winning shot: Elijah Wood seduces the director Robert Zemeckis who l hiring to play in the cult work worn by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

In Back to the Future 2, Elijah Wood plays a little boy who, in a bar in 2015, is about to play an arcade game with one of his friends. Marty McFly, present in the establishment, decides to impress them by giving them a little demonstration of the game. Wild gunman. An excerpt to discover below, Elijah Wood being, for the few who would not have recognized him, the child with a green cap:

After his short performance in Back to the Future 2, Elijah Wood will move on quickly, notably giving the reply to Mel Gibson in Forever Young. In the 90s, he will star in the family films The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. and Flipper, will be illustrated in particular in Deep Impact and The Faculty, before being chosen in 1999 by Peter Jackson to play in the saga of Lord of the Rings. And become a world star.

It should be noted that John Thornton, who plays the other little boy in the scene, has not at all known the same fate as Elijah Wood. He will appear in the credits of only a few series until 1992 before putting an end to his short career as an actor.

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Back to the future on netflix: when little elijah wood began his career in the saga

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Back to the Future II: 12 details hidden in the movie

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