Back to the Future II: 4 small details that herald the third film

While the legendary Robert Zemeckis trilogy is available on Netflix, return to 4 clues hidden in “Back to the Future II” that can allow viewers to guess where the third film will take place.

After exploring the 1950s and the future in the first two parts of his legendary trilogy, Robert Zemeckis sends Doc and Marty in 1885, to discover the old Wild West, in Back to the Future III. An ultimate temporal destination which gives rise to another ultra-delightful adventure, and that the most attentive spectators had the opportunity to guess in advance.

In addition to the unpublished trailer of the third part, released in theaters at the end of Back to the Future II, the intermediate feature of the trilogy is indeed full of small clues on the last journey of our two heroes. Here are 4:


When Marty arrives in 2015 and enters the 80’s Café, which is all about nostalgia for its customers, he comes across an old arcade machine dedicated to the shooter Wild gunman. This classic released in 1974 (then adapted for the NES in 1984) offers its player to knock down bandits in the middle of the Wild West. An activity that McFly is about to do for good, even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Back to the Future II 4 small details that herald

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Take a good look at the designs that adorn the shirt Doc wore in 2015. There you can guess cowboys on horseback, galloping in pursuit of a speeding locomotive, just like Doc and Marty in the final scene of Back to the future III. Would the old scientist’s clothes have the ability to predict the future?

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When Marty returns to see Biff Tannen, in the alternate version of 1985 where he made his fortune, he finds him immersed in a jacuzzi and dazzled by the first installment of the dollar trilogy, which he is watching on his television. . Sergio Leone’s film seems to have given Marty some ideas, since like Clint Eastwood (from whom he borrows his name), the young McFly fixes a piece of metal on his chest before duel against Molosse Tannen.

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In the middle of Back to the future II, as Doc and Marty prepare to leave in 1955, the DeLorean’s time convector seems to be experiencing some hiccups. For half a second, the dial which displays the vehicle’s temporal destination displays the date of January 1, 1885 at midnight. Impossible to spot if you blink at the wrong time, this little hidden detail obviously announces the future stay in the Far West of our two characters.

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